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Startup Marketing Ideas

Startup Marketing Ideas
Every startup that wants to make it big in the whole marketing game needs to make the best out of both worlds – online and offline.

Marketing Ideas

Every startup that wants to make it big in the whole marketing game needs to make the best out of both worlds – online and offline. There is a wide variety of great ideas out there that you can make use of in order to engage with your target audience and build a loyal customer base.

The problem that startups commonly face is that they don’t have enough money to hire marketing consultants, so it is pretty much up to you to find out what works and what does not. Quite often it comes down to trial and error, but there is still a number of ideas that have proven to work for a lot of companies, so it doesn’t mean that you need to stumble in the dark before you get it right.

Promote both online and offline

One of the best ways to attract customers is to come up with enticing promotions . This is a particularly useful approach for brands that are new and need that boost in order to get acknowledged and recognized. Basically, all that you need to do is offer discounts in the form of special offers or vouchers.

Today, this is something that is generally done online. However, combining it with a more traditional approach is the best way to go. You should cover all your bases. For example, if your target audience consists of younger people who are into sportswear, you can have your business representatives share discount vouchers on college grounds.

Conduct webinars

A webinar is one of the best ways to properly present your startup to your audience, as well as show off the products or services that you have to offer and educate everyone on why it is the best choice that they could make. What is great about it is that it isn’t really a difficult thing to do. You need to focus on the topic that is relevant to your audience and present it in a way that will pique their attention. Furthermore, you should do it via various channels, in order to cover as much ground as possible.

Companies often prefer taking the safe route and presenting their webinars in a more closed environment. However, if you take a step beyond that barrier and stream on YouTube and Facebook, you are bound to generate much better results. Just be sure that you have the necessary technology to do it right because a poor performance on the technical side can be quite detrimental to your brand image.

Use traditional visual assets

According to professionals, such as those at Bannamesh , enticing visuals placed at attractive real-world locations work as well as they have for years, and aren’t going anywhere for the time being. Top-notch banners, signs, billboards, and the like, still do a great job of catching the eye of a passer-by who just might be the kind of person that needs what you have to offer.

The only difference today is that, next to providing an address of your brick-and-mortar store (if you have one), it is necessary to make your website prominent, so that people know where they can find you online. Having a high-quality website is crucial, and your marketing efforts need to lead people to it.

Share business cards

Another traditional way of spreading information about your startup is creating and sharing top-notch and highly-creative business cards . One of the reasons behind this is the fact that they are a much more personal way of engaging with potential clients than doing so online. They need to properly reflect your brand’s values, and be designed in a memorable fashion. Then, all that is necessary is for pretty much everyone related to your company to have a pack to carry around and give away to potential clients.

While there is a whole bunch of websites out there that are made for the purpose of generating business card designs, it is a lot better idea to come up with one on your own. Hire a designer if you aren’t really good at it yourself, and make sure that your card is special. Pretty much everything matters, from the type of paper that they are made of to the font(s) that you use for particular aspects.

Attend conferences and similar events

It is always a good idea to take part in a conference, meetup, or any similar event where you can properly network and build a reputation. The great thing about such opportunities is that they are most often focused on a particular niche and a highly targeted audience that you can truly have a meaningful interaction with due to shared interests.

Also, these are the places where you can generate quality leads and increase your conversions. And, as a bonus, you can also gain real-time feedback that you need so much as a business that has just started to develop.

In Summation

One of the most important things about your marketing efforts is to utilize great ideas in order to boost your visibility. As a startup that is pretty much a new player in the field, you want the community to get to know about you, so that you become recognized and, in time, trusted and respected.

There is a wide variety of ideas out there that you can apply, next to the ones that we have discussed in this article. As a startup, you need to do your research and find out through testing which ones are going to make your company successful.

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