You can do everything you want
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Something went wrong

Unexpected changes in my life
On 03.12.2017 I still knew what I want and how to reach that. I am married and we have a plan for our future life. I have a job and I know how to improve everything there even if all of my colleagues will hate me as they did by that time. I'm stubborn and I know that I will reach all my goals.
We traveled to other place to celebrate my mom's birthday. My husband took a car from his mom that we will arrive much faster, as our own we didn't had by that time.
The car wasn't new and a lot of things could be fixed in it, but I relied on my partner.
Birthday party was brilliant. Early in the morning we had to back to our city for routine but something went wrong and the car was rolling. The hit comes to my side that I was unconscious till doctors arrived.
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A life is more beautiful than you ever can imagine! You became a cripple? So what! Just do what you love to! You are still alive and this is important!

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