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SHATTERED AFFECTION, Story in English for Short Movies Making. Copyright Story.

SHATTERED AFFECTION, Story in English for Short Movies Making. Copyright Story.
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I am submitting a StorySHATTERED AFFECTION (English).Please consider this story for the purpose of Publication and those interested for making Short film, please contact Mantri Marku, story writer.

SHATTERED AFFECTIONMr. Rishaan, Miss. Kiara and Miss Diya were friends and professional model-cum-film actors, vying for ‘Miss New Delhi’ and ‘Mr New Delhi’ contest at Goa. They took the flight from New Delhi to Goa.
While making journey from Delhi flight direct to Goa, during the journey period there was a technical hitch and a problem cropped up.It was half-an-hour left-over journey to reachDabolimAirport at Goa. The distance to cover was just two hours time to reach the Goa Airport from Delhi. The flight was travelling over the sea and there was no way for any emergency landing.
There was an announcement in the flight.Your attention please…
The flight was confronting with a technical problem. Our engineers were trying to rectify the problem.Please close the windows and put on the curtains.Please put on the belt.Please be ready with the oxygen masks.We are putting off the lights.
The flight was moving with lot of vibrations.The wings sometimes go down steeply to the left side and sometimes go-down steeply on right side.The sound was dangerous, like dhud – dhud and concrete Ready-Mix, with lot of vibration and noise.Apart from the announcement by flight Hostess and Cabin Crew, there was lot of commotion, anxiety, fear, and all the passengers looked very pale and in helplessness condition.Lot of sweating was foreseen on all the passengers. Many passengers were consoling each other. Few people hugged others who sat side-by-side due to uncontrolled anxiety and unknown self-explanatory fear. Most of the passengers thought that something was going to happen to the flight and few passengers thought their life coming to an end.
Then another announcement came from the Cabin Crew Hostess. “DabolimAirport is half-an-hour journey from now on.All the passengers are requested to be ready with seat-belts.Our flight engineers are doing their best to rectify the technical problem”.All the passengers are praying the God, the Almighty and the Lord Christ.Passengers were unaware, what was happening to the flight.Every passenger was nervous.This happened around night time at 4.00 AM.
Again, there was an announcement from the cabin crew members.Your attention please.Our flight engineers have rectified the technical defects and the flight will be straight going to Dabolim Goa Airport. Though all the passengers heaved a sigh of relief still with nervous, as no happiness foreseen on quite a number of passengers face.Another announcement came from the flight cabin crew that in another half hour’s time, the flight will make a landing at Dabolim Goa Airport.All the passengers are requested to be ready by putting their seat belts.Mr. Rishaan, Miss Kiara and Miss Diya were travelling in this flight.
Miss Kiara, aged 25 years old, Management Graduate, an upcoming model and an actress, was in love with Mr. Rishaan, 28 years old, a qualified Engineer and also a model-turned upcoming actor. Miss. Diya, 24 years old also a Management graduates, an upcoming model-turned actress travelling in the flight to Goa from New Delhi, for final contest to become “Miss New Delhi Competition” and “Mr. New Delhi Competition”
All the three were sitting in a ‘three seat row’ in the flight. Miss Kiara took Vodka before boarding the flight to Goa and was sleepy and lazy because of her tiresome, due to mid-night travel. Mr. Rishaan, though in sober condition, was happy to travel with Miss. Kiara and Miss Diya. Miss Diya too was in a sleepy mood because of late midnight.
The inner sense of Mr. Rishaan was in love with Miss. Diya, as Mr. Rishaan thought that one day he would like to express his desire to marry either Miss. Kiara or Miss Diya, as both were too smart, highly beautiful and intelligent.
Miss Kiara and Miss Diya got impressed the way Mr. Rishaan was moving with them.More so, Mr. Rishaan was very handsome, a well qualified, and also an upcoming model-cum-actor. Moreover, both Miss Kiara and Miss Diya too have something in mind to express their desire to move very closely, intimately with Mr. Rishaan.All the three were sitting in the flight with ease and intimately.
In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan's right hand more firmly. Rishaan's other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya's. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioral dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.
Mr. Rishaan took the opportunity at that time and started rubbing the hand of Miss. Kiara for some time, as Miss. Kiara was in very sleepy mood, and in turn Miss. Kiara too had responded slowly to the rubbing by Mr. Rishaan. Both got tempted, for some time, at that time. Kiara was in her own trauma and was self-enjoying herself.
Simultaneously Mr. Rishaan with another hand started holding the hand and wrist of Miss Diya firmly and also started rubbing both the hand and wrist as Miss. Diya too started responding slowly to Mr. Rishaan. Diyas heart beatings ran like a super fast express train and her blood pressure went up and her body totally warmed up, at that particular situation. But, Diya recovered from that mood fearing something will go wrong.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishaan felt uncanny, his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher. At the Dabolim Airport, all the three waited in the retiring room till sun rise. After sipping coffee in the Airport Cafteria, engaged a Cab and proceeded to a Star Hotel which was already booked in advance.In the early morning, all three, Rishaan, Kiara and Diya passing through the main roads at Goa by a Cab to reach Star Hotel for Boarding purpose, they noticed near a Bus Stand, one ‘aged beggar’ sitting leisurely on the platform, keeping a small money pot nearby to his side, wearing a black cooling glass, smoking a cigar and reading English news paper.The beggar did not have any shirt and was only wearing a torn banyan and a short.These three people surprised by seeing the beggar’s pose of sitting style and reading look, the English news paper. All three people thought for a while, about his pleasantness, happiness and comfortably sitting style. All these three people instantaneously, discussed about the beggar’s style of reading the news paper.The beggar looks to be of ‘no worry’ at all. The beggar looked like having total peace of mind and free from all the World Taxes and enjoying the Tax-Free Life.
After sometime while travelling in Cab to reach the Star Hotel, Rishaan self-advocated, deeply thought and could realize about his misdeeds & wrongs and mistakes during the flight journey.But, the time cannot roll back. Time will not stop. Day-by-day people get older and older. One should know the objective of life, goal, responsibility and more than all a concrete plan of action to settle down in life. Such disciplined people would be able to guide the youth and the younger generation people, to the righter perspective angle. Of course, some people commit mistakes and mistakes do happen and people who commit such mistakes can rectify any blunders. People move in the public life and people live in the society for all purposes viz, education, career, business sake. Different types of people come across to each and everybody with various ideologies and with varied frame-of-mind set.
After reaching the Star Hotel, all the three people refreshed, took break-fast, took some rest, and their Lunch in their respective rooms. They dressed-up well for the evening event, as per the Miss New Delhi Contest program at Goa.They returned back after the contest program to their rooms at the Star Hotel, and took complete rest after enjoying some hot drinks and dinner.
The next day all the three went to the Goa beach to enjoy themselves. They played in the beach, took some snacks, cool-drinks and returned back to their Hotel rooms.All the three consumed some beer, Gin, Vodka, as per their liking and had dinner. During the beer table, they got the topic and the incidence of the flight journey from New Delhi to Goa.They started some altercations on few of the incidents that took place in the early morning in the flight before reaching Goa AirportDabolim. Some tensions ran high during the discussions. Miss Kiara had expressed her ambition to continue the friendship with Rishaan. So also Diya also expressed to have good and long friendship-like movement with Rishaan. But, Rishaan was showing some extra interest on Diya, when compared to Kiara, because of too activeness and sharp mind. Rishaan prolonged some days without deciding life partner choosing.In the meantime, there was a marriage proposal to Rishaan from a top politician, Mr. Anant Sinha who was a Cabinet Rank Central Excise Minister in the Union Cabinet. This high profile Minister was a billionaire with few top businesses holding by his family members.This Minister has one Management qualified Daughter by name Miss. Mona Lisa, aged 26 years, a reasonably good looking girl, hailing from the same cast of Rishaan. The Minister Anant Sinha approached Rishaan through his accredited family members for a marriage proposal to Miss. Mona Lisa, luring Rishaan with good business position, and full financial help and property, so that both live luxurious life. For this proposal Rishaan, after giving much thought for few days, got tempted to this offer and accepted the proposal to marry Miss. Mona Lisa, the only daughter to this Central Minister.The marriage took place in a very grand style at New Delhi, where all the Government top leaders, politicians, business people, film stars, bureaucrats, relatives, friends and well-wishers attended the marriage function and blessed this new couple Rishaan and Mona Lisa.
Rishaan did not convey his marriage with Mona Lisa, to Kiara and Diya and left his professional colleagues to a corner. Kiara and Diya got angry on Rishaan and wanted to teach him a lesson to Rishaan one day or the other when time comes.
After few months things went wrong to Central Excise Minister Anant Sinha and was involved in a big international money scam and CBI was entrusted with this scam case to deal with firmly and sternly.The Minister was removed from his position and was compelled to resign as Minister.The Minister was suspended for his illegal and anti-party and anti-Government policies and activities.
All the property, cash, bank accounts of Anant Sinha and his close relatives including Rishaan’s and Mona Lisa’s property and assets were seized by CBI. One should know that any CBI case will never be closed as long as the persons involved in any CBI case.In this case also the Central Excise Minister Anant Sinha, his family members, including his son-in-law Rishaan and wife Mona Lisa were put behind the bars.
Kiara and Diya came to know about this scam and Rishaan’s jail life and CBI case. Both Kiara and Diya cursed on Rishaan, as Rishaan was irresponsibly and carelessly behaved with them, when they were moving for a professional growth program i.e., from model-turned-film star.
The Minister Anant Sinha, Rishaan and Mona Lisa had many cases filed on them from various Departments like, Indian Revenue,Income Tax, CBI, Enforcement Directorate, Central Excise Department, Home Department, FERA and FEMA ACT, Violation of FE and RBI Act and various other Acts for dealing and contacting with International Terrorists and for funding for unscrupulous activities like, riots, loot, rampage, damage, killing and supply of arms and ammunition illegally to various banned outfits within inter and intra country activities.
This news was appearing in the entire major news papers regularly on daily basis and also through TV channels and Radio networks. Some of the foreign countries also booked many cases on this Minister Anant Sinha, for violating many international laws.
Rishaan and Mona Lisa now under CBI custody and various other Departments scanner, the life where this young newly married couple wanted to enjoy with money and power, lost every opportunity to live peacefully. Rishaan, at the four walls in jail thought deeply that had he married Diya or Kiara whole-heartedly without getting tempted to this Central Excise Minister’s daughter Mona Lisa, he would have well settled and lead the family life very luxuriously.
One day Kiara and Diya met Rishaan at Jail to express their solidarity and to console, Rishaan wept that he made a mistake in marrying Mona Lisa, the daughter of this Central Minister Anant Sinha. Then Kiara and Diya decided not to Trust anybody and wanted to be very careful in selecting their life partners, whenever they planned to marry.
Rishaan was weeping, crying inconsolably and off the moods all the time, due to this high powered shock and was helpless. Mona Lisa, the wife of Rishaan too was very unlucky and was helpless.She repented that all this happened due to some of his father’s negative deeds and some are political cases and some are self acquired errors.
Kiara and Diya were, to some extent, very happy for not getting involved in any way with Rishaan and the Ministers family affairs and business dealings. Kiara and Diya forgot all friendship days with Rishaan, as they thought that there was no use in memorizing old matter. Kiara and Diya worked hard to become top Indian stars in the film-socio-economic-business and political circles. Both married to their liking and choice person and lived happily.

Kiara and Diya remember Rishaan, as his bad-luck and blame on his fate, console themselves as “Whom to Blame Whom”, “Whom To Trust Whom”, “It’s all ones fate which The God has written on the fore-head which cannot be erased and one is bound to suffer What May It Come, and thought that one cannot predict the life’s turn of events.
Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu(Mantri Marku)
Hyderabad India

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