Running- A continous self discovery
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Running and its associated benefits

Running and its associated benefits
Running and its associated benefirs
I took up to running on October 21st 2017 when I joined a running group in my society "Bhaag Elita Bhaag".Have never been associated in any active sports in my life.However I developed an inclination and liking towards running.Till date have run 3 timed 10ks and 4 timed Half Marathons . I run regularly on weekends. Like to share the benefits I could associate with running.
a) Breeds Self discipline
There goes a saying" What when measured is well managed".No better illustration to this saying thanexperiencing it thru running.You can continuously measure your performance and take baby steps to self betterment.The beauty is "self learning" which learnt the hard way stays intact.
b) Helps develop camaraderie
Running helps in building associations, develop liking and mutual respect for fellow runners.
Helps in developing a strong bond of togetherness.
c)Develop an attitude of "Team before self"
Running helps in removing the selfish "I" existance feeling and helps in breeding the "We" feeling. Long distance runners continously develop a feeling of how they can help their fellow runners to do better and improve.
d)Build patience, perseverance and determination
Running helps in continously developing qualities of being patient to situations ,to perservere and be determined till the goal is reached.
e) Past results doesnt guarantee future success
Every day is a new and challenging day.Because I have run well yesterday doesnt guarantee me that I will excel today.I have to go there and perform.I may perform well or may have an average day.Running in the process helps develop humility to situations.
f) Long distance Running is like preparing for Civil Services
As we see and hear from people who clear Civil Services they have to go thru a long process.Clearing Prelims,then Mains and then the tough interview process.It is a long process and requires a patient and perseverant approach.There may be some days wherein your days preparation may not be up to the marked level,that doesnt mean you are down and out and have to give up.Similarly in long distance running there will be times when you may run badly on some days.It is the long term sustenance that matters.

"Learning is nota slave to us togive usa feel good factor
Rather learning is a hard task master which may evoke pain and make one feel tooften curse it"
But in the end it will give you the success to be well tasted in the long run!

"Nothing succeeds like success" goes the adage"
To get the real taste of this adage start running!!!!!

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