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Rise of Cuddalore Memes Page

Rise of Cuddalore Memes Page
Cuddalore memes
Rise of Cuddalore Memes Page - Image 1

Yes He is my best friend from the standard of 3rd, ofcourse now we are in 22. At 7th June 2016, He started a Facebook page in name of Cuddalore memes. Yes I am 100% sure that he just started for fun without any idea.

And that was the first Page belonging to Cuddalore and it started developing slowly. Yes after a day we got only 2 likes for that page, don't think too much about that 2 persons, me and he are those persons.

He don't have that much clear idea about meme creation and the way of promoting that. He experience the new experience by that page. Yes, he became a meme creator.

Pages used to have atleast 4 to 5 admins to maintain a page for the great reach among the people but proud to say that he is the one and only admin behind the success of that page.

Page started growing. He used to troll St.marys girls particularly in lot of times that itself indicated that he is from st.joseph. Yes he did his schooling in st.joseph from kg to 10th.

Page transforms from entertainment thoughts to social thoughts. This thing sew the root cause for the protest for Jallikattu on jan 12th 2017. Cuddalore memes join its hand with two pages cuddalore memes and trolls and tn 31 memes. Yes that was the first voice from cuddalore for Jallikattu. Approximately 1k people mostly students participated in that. That was the first and foremost social success for cuddalore memes.

On the very next day jan 13th 2017, page reached its 10k followers. This is not the end actually but the beginning of the successful marching of the page. Page just putting itself in the social path and marched towards its own way.

And it becomes the one of the identity of cuddalore. But he never accepts that. Still the page is marching towards something and that something is unmeasurable. Now it reached 44k followers so far.

I did not mentioned his name because of his request. And i asked him when the people will know the admin. He simply said jan 2021. I dont know whats special in 2021 but the year gave me a clue of something. Will see.

Nanba! I didn't mentioned your name as you said..

#all the very best
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