Virginity or character??
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Results- pressure isn't it? By- Rachel Fernandes

Results- pressure isn't it?
                 By- Rachel Fernandes
Change should be there

Results! The most horrifying word, isn't it? It sounds even more scary than a ghost of a horror movie. Actually it's not so, but we people have made it. It's true that just a piece of paper cannot decide where you're gonna land in future.

Foresure, studies are essential, it's very important to be literate and educated as well. We need to work hard to be a well educated person, but that doesn't mean students should be kept under pressure to score high.

Well now its the season of results going on , I would definitely separate it saying 'BOARD RESULTS' . Yes, it does decide, which line should be taken, which field should we go forward in. But are all these factors more important than a student's feelings?? No, ofcourse not. Their feelings must be kept on the top.

If noticed , more than the student, neighbors, family and relatives are more worried about their result. Giving them constant advice about what they should have done in their past.

Now, i would say, so what if the child scores 90% , 50% or fails. The student is still alive, he/she can give a fresh start, and start everything again.

While it's the week when exams are going to be declared, nights of students becomes sleepless , they start talking things that's meaningless, even though they gave their best but still they start feeling depressed.

You know what, the most common basic and the most wierd dialogue that's said to each and every students those who have appeared for their boards, " what if you fail, what face are you going to show the world, they will say look that boy/girl , fail in boards , now sitting doing nothing at home, have some shame "

Wait, what? But why ?? What's the big to fail, everyone can't be at the top, right? Everyone can't be successful? It's not always a person gets what he)she desires. Now which student would ever like to fail. Instead of being their , what do we do, we start criticizing.

Now, it's just not the matter of scoring good, the student has to score more than others too. Hah? Its funny right? Results season are honestly breath taking

Well, now one student was asked, if he had a choice to remove something from the world what would it be? Everyone had finely assumed that he would definitely say answer it as exams, but now there was a twist here, the boy answered -" if i had a choice , i would definitely remove the results, but wait not because we're scared to face it but because we are fed up for seeing our self , letting down by orhers." , What an amazing answer.

Well, if results , ture meaning is to be defined , it would definitely be defined as a piece of a paper or website showing pir failta to the whole world . Well, id se change our looks towards it, i guess no student will be scared of facing the results, isn't it?

Well, When a politician is failed on working on their promises, are they criticised?? No! They're not, instead , banners are made , long rallies just to keep them motivated, yes? Than even students are the same humans dude.



Just before the results , if students are told" it's okay , you're still gonna remain the best, no matter what, we're always there by you, now it's gone, the results are going to be what it is, it's going to come, what it's prepared and but be, go with the flow' and than see the change, every student have in their life..



Results- pressure isn't it?
                 By- Rachel Fernandes - Image 1Results- pressure isn't it?
                 By- Rachel Fernandes - Image 2
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Should character of a women be judged by her virginity?? A short story based on it.

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