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Rekindle your Focus

Rekindle your Focus
“An unfocused life is a wasted life.”
This statement pummeled me like a helpless hippie. Over the years, I was squandering my life aimlessly. This might be the reason why for so long, I have not moved even a little in my race as a career woman or as a person in general. Not until this statement punched me left and right so as to awaken the sleeping giant inside of me. I considered it as God’s way of telling me that He is willing to help me get through and I should start from changing the way I think. It is his way of telling me that I should take a strong grip of my purpose and start rowing towards that goal. It has now become my new principle in life as it suddenly proselytize my way of thinking about myself and my life in general.
So then, I started decluttering the old thoughts in my mind - throwing the unhelpful old mindset, retaining the old still helpful thoughts, and welcoming the new ones. Of course, in my course to stay in focus, I have decided to [really] fix my eyes on Jesus, who is the author and perfecter of my life. If I’ll do this, I know that godly desires will be engraved in my heart and will give birth to good actions for myself and for others whom Jesus loves. It means that over everything, Jesus is my priority. I started rearranging my time in favor of him. That is, I see to it that everyday, as I wake up, I get to spend time in prayer and reading his word. Doing these things developed a positive spirit in me and resulted to a peaceful living. I have received peace which transcends all understanding. I received grace to love the unlovable, and to spend time to people who needed help [in a form of counseling or just a mere listener as they pour their hearts out]. At the end of the day, a sense of fulfillment completes me. So then, a focused life started to embrace me tightly. It is working, indeed!
Never did I know that my relationship with Jesus would lead me to loving my physique. Yea, all those 28 years, I lived a life thinking that eating is a mere pleasure and not a fuel for the body. I eat whatever I want up to my heart’s content. So I grew even bigger and yes, more than my ideal Body Mass Index (BMI). In fact, I am obese! Definitely a plum. It has enslaved me and gave me poor self-image. As a result, I envied women who had those ideal curves and edges, which I believed I can never ever have.
But, not anymore today. I am a changed person now and I desire to reach my ideal BMI and live healthy. I mustered helpful principles and ideas from several sources to lead my way to victory! I took the courage to go to the gym, and start checking my list. I began eating the right kind and right amount of food everyday. After several weeks of determination, I noticed encouraging improvements in my body like the losing of few pounds and the glowing of my skin.
Right now, an inexpressible excitement is running deep down in my heart [which I never felt before] and I look forward to sharing my testimony soon. God’s word in Hebrews 12:11 encouraged me all the more to keep going. It says “Now, discipline always seems painful rather than pleasant at the time, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Bravo! It’s an inkling nudge for me affirming that I am in the right track.
Having focus also made my everyday very productive. I began to internalize that I have plethora of time to do whatever my “lot” demanded me to do. The secret is prioritization. I decided to categorize my life’s event into three: a) urgent and very important, b) urgent, and c) important. I paid attention first to the urgent and very important tasks before doing the latter two. I can be adept to convince you that this is fruitful and effective. I also sacrificed some of my time spent on social media especially facebook. I decided to use social media as my tool to get some things done, not a way of pleasure and leisure. I also started communicating to a few people to give more time for myself to meditate. So far, it is helpful and has developed a serene but buoyant spirit within me.
So if you think that your life is a waste, think again. You only need to refocus. If we have focus, we’ll know where to align our abilities. And the only way to start right is to start with God.

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Well written dear! Your journalistic skills improved a lot. I am surprised! Keep writing!