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Reasons for feeling stocked and its strategy

It doesn't matter how feel when you get stocked, just know its possible to free yourself from it when you know the cause of it and its strategy

Everyone in life aspire to go higher in life, but being stocked in life without reaching your desired goals or accomplishments is very frustrating in life. The desire to reach certain goals has to be backed up with well defined thoughts and actions to enable you push through. When there seems to be lack of these solid thoughts and actions, it replaces them with certain life traps and thick walls that hinders you from having a smooth sailing. Although, the life challenges and huddles will be there, but the last thing you had ever wanted is to mix it up with the wrong thoughts and actions, and it becomes more complex than you had ever expected it to be.

Reasons for feeling stocked

1 Your physical state

This is where the actions towards your goals and achievements is determined. Make sure to keep yourself in the best physical condition. Energize yourself as possible as you can. This is because, good thoughts without actions keeps you remaining in the the exact same place. You have to make sure you take proper care of your health. There’s little or no productivity from a non-physically active person. If your mental strength is solid, let your physical strength be solid as well because, the both go hand-in-hand. There’s certainly no limit to which either of the both can go, as it enforces results together.

2 Trapped in a time frame (past)

There could be certain times in the past you may have made mistakes or done things wrong but, looking back at the past is not going to get you any further, what you should be looking unto is the future and knowing that the future holds a lot to offer. Don’t let the trap of looking back at the past steal your focus and direction in life. You are not going that way, so, there’s absolutely no reason why you should keep on focusing your attention at the past. By doing so, you will eventually get trapped in those mistakes of the past, that is when your thoughts and actions becomes less productive because, you got trapped that you no longer have those positive thoughts that will trigger your actions. Build your mental strength as well, it is going to help you.

3 Sitting on a plateau

Despite the fact that, a time of little or no change after a period of growth or progress has been experienced, it still doesn’t mean you have to just remain there, you have to strive harder for more, you definitely shouldn’t settle for less, that is where you begin to mount the pressure of getting stocked at your current situation. In the long run, if you don’t get tid of it, you begin to wonder why you still haven’t got to that point you wanted, putting you into a little depression and then, you get into the trap of a time frame thereby, worsening the whole scenario. so, the point is making sure not to sit on whatever plateau you find yourself.

Irrespective of all the reasons one could feel stocked, the only signs of breakthrough you will observe is that, you will begin to feel signs of dissatisfaction. So, until you begin to feel such signs, you still have much to work on to get the breakthrough and free yourself from the feelings of being stocked. There should be low tolerance for mediocrity. Its all about who is hungrier.

Stategy to it

In the face of the trouble of feeling stocked, you have to push through, let it incorporate with good mental toughness. Your mental toughness will be your driving force in pushing through. In one of my previous article, i talked about mental toughness. It is very important for you to know that the mental toughness works. Pushing through all life challenges and huddles, doesn’t seem possible if you can’t keep your mental strength in check. Be strong physically and mentally and all the vices that leads into the trap of feeling stocked will vanish.

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