Biblical medusa
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R.E.D (Trigger warning-sexual assault)

R.E.D (Trigger warning-sexual assault)
Summarizing this would be a hefty task. So I would rather ask u to read it whole
A shade so divine and pure that nothing can capture it's grace and foxyness."Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"they say. The couple of eyes which go red because of tearing up in the showers or the ones that are red because of meticulous rubbing. The 'rubbing' which is a mean to stop people from glancing at them. Is that shade of scarlet beautiful?
Is the blood covered limbs of the married maiden breath taking?Her husband takes pleasure out of her skin crawling screams every single night when he feels like a failure. Is the vermilion tainted face of the young bride mesmerizing? Her father believes that he knows the best or is the gang raped girl's red body beautiful? The guys had drawn a lot of blood but dude she was wearing a skirt.
Or is the brother raped girl's blood beautiful? After all he is her own. Perhaps not but the silky red nightgown you had worn to make love to your infidel lover. That shade of scarlet is beautiful. The red streaked face of a blushing bride is mesmerizing. The red roses dying every day in the graveyard. They are breathtaking.The hue has stories of her own. Stories of harlot thighs wrapped around mighty shoulders. Stories of red bottoms under calloused hands. Stories of little nymphs and juicy lips. So many stories to behold. Stories with red hued bangles and archaic moulds. Hues of scarlet and stories of gold. Some to tell and some to behold.
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Hi,I am just one of those angsty pseudo nihilistic teens

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