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All the best for the candidates who are appearing for NEET 2020
I am going to tell that how should a candidate prepare for a competetive exam ie NEET .Candidates who are preparing for this exam should not distracted by your electronic devices . So please be concentrated on your goals .If you are in class 11th ie 1St PUC then you have ample of time to prepare for the exam,but if you are in 2nd PUC you have less time but you can prepare if you are passionate to your goals . Firstly you have to study for 10-12 hours (From initiation). Don't be lethargic in your passion . Be passionate in your dreams . Refer standard books for Physics,Chemistry and Biology. Study the concepts properly and then start solving the MCQ's .Solve previous years questions wisely. Don't worry about your weekly tests marks try your level best in all the tests . Don't be disappointed with your low scores and don't be exaguraated with your high scores. Be confindent with what you study. Be focused and passionated.
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How to prepare for NEET examination

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