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Plight of a girl and Daughter

She loved an officer to live like a lady and He traded her love for her ego forever
She was never enough for him

Neither in the begging when it should all have been blooming. When he was drooling over her even if it was just for fun.

She was a working girl and the one with a class. Her only mistake was that she went out after drinks with him. That she was on Tinder hence she held no character.
Because she slept with him the day they met she was never suppose to be the one.

So an educated man who himself was online dating decided that the girl must not become a gf and wife because he was there for fun. So he refused to accept her because the mother and folk around found her not a fit but fat.

Yes it was her mistake. not to be on tinder but to see what the boy lacked and to be that incomplete part. To accept the first shot of Insult from him, his society and his family. To wait for his calls or to call back a thousand time. It was her mistake to overlook the fight and still board the flight. Her mistake to still hug him as if nothing happened and still clad into a saree to stand and try impress his people there.
To impress those who didn’t respect him enough to respect his guest. To impress those blinds who could not see anything beyond a slim waist. To impress those who studied but could not educate. And Ironically those who fly high but not high enough to overcome their poor ideology.

She still thought that all this will pass because a person could sleep for fun but for how many times. I thought he touched me out of feeling and that when he looked at me and said things they held meaning. I always confused between The sayer and the doer.

And again he abandoned her on station when he parted ways while she thought he was going home to bring them together. She waited for txt, she waited him to call, she waited him to say that he has talk to his parents but nothin was true. Her dream was to break again the broken dream would break one more time but still not for the last time.

Her parents went to meet him and understand. For them it was not to believe that this boy could do all this. For them they thought their daughter would be sufficient for him and that they would meet and he will be ok but NO; the parents too had to share the humiliation. They too had to get rejected from a 28 yr old that their daughter loved. Helpless they came back. I should have died that day that I made them go through all this. Parents who never stopped me, restricted me, gave me the choice to live and choose I got them rejected from a 28 yrs old. But shameless I was to still pursue him. WHY???
Coz he didn’t say he doesn’t love me. He said I’am frnds confuse me.....people confuse me
And she thought that it’s not the boy but others.
And he smoothly put the blame on others with not even a sorry.

Yes it was my fault all throughout. I thought pampering your BF, chasing him, bothering with txt and calls is all a part of relationship not realizing that all this time I was loosing respect because for him a girl who does all this , a girl who proposes, takes initiative, come after, calls again is not worthy love. These type of girls are life less and not to be paid heed to. But he never realized that somewhere this girl was letting him enjoy attention, be confident, feel loved whenever wanted.

It is an alarm when he doesn’t return ur call,
When he can put u second to a party,
When he can block u or simply go out of network coz all he needs in that moment is with him (even you coz he know you are tryin to reach him)

I need no one to tell me how wrong I went. I should have left long back. I didn’t coz I felt that one day he will call me, say all that I want to hear, do all those small things to make me special. That one day he will go down on knees to make it all worth. That he will convert all my tears to pearl and that his aim would be to come back from work and make me smile. That he will wait to know smallest of thing about me and wait to days and dates

But none of it happened.

And I did another blunder. I took my parents to farrukhabad . His father wanted us to take “sankalp” and so I tot this is it. Now we will go there, meet and finalize. Not that we went emptyhand but we definitely came back in torn clothes.
Who knew that the four walls of that shady hotel would witness a father feeling helpless for bearing a daughter
That he will have to pay 33 lacs and a list of items and a car that thankfully the boy declined to complete her daughters lovestory
Who knew that we were not there to join hands and heart but to trade relation. In 21st century we would talk dowry so openly.
I should have again died that day when I let my parents accept it quietly or rather While I still made love to him. Made love to that man who 5 minutes back was dead quite while his rate was being set and he was sold at 33lac.

And today that I am engaged to him, that my father did best of arrangements for an engagement, to impress his family I can not forget how his sisters treated me on my day
My mum tells me that if u can not do good or say good then the least to say or do is nothing but they left no stone to spoil it
Right from comparing me with my own sis and still making choice bw us as his partner to his mother hurting me on my hand in public to his sister setting me aside to do a ball dance with him. And when all this is not enough we tell an educated girl that how dashing and charming there brother is and how lucky she is to find him. How she must look out if girls are chasing him. Not even as a girl they could appreciate the beauty of other girl, gifts bought by her, planning, dance nothing

I never acted hifi with them, never tried to show my position. Attended calls even bw work to listen that “she is busy” for that one time that I didn’t. Get good status on me about me and best of all get confronted by one sister for a msg sent to another about what conversation I had with third. GOD they didn’t even leave a chance to try m put me down instead of even once welcoming me in family. Sounds bad but if they were not his sisters I would hv not even recognized them for how they behave and talk. Hi

I wish I get so much of money that I give double of it to these parents and take their son away forever. What’s the point tryin to please and make it all good when all that matters is money. And when then most dignified of all “the officer” sat and let it all happen. That was the day I didn’t stop to love him but I definitely stopped respecting him. Of all that he did from day 1 I never expected him to bring this down on me.

I fought battle with myself., my career, my parents his parents for this that he will never support me

So this is what a girl is raised for
To be vulnerable
To be exposed
To fight and win and yet loose in the end

I would never want a daughter coz there are still boys out there who will objectify her, who will leave her break her and push her to dark.
There are still boys who believe in dowry and think it is right. I want a boy who will respect a girl, marry if he tells her, respect her parents and will share her load instead of asking her parents to pay for marrying her.
I will kill if I know it is a girl. I know that’s a crime but I will because it’s better to kill her while is she unborn then letting boys like these kill her everyday bit by bit

I will marry him for I sweared him as love and I bonded spiritually with him but he will only get a body to love no life anymore. He will get a wife to stand in party with in exact same shape and size but how hollow his life will be no one would be able to see in front of that pretty face that I will put. His frnds would be jealous of him all over again though he didn’t realize it the first time but this time he will not be happy with that feeling for he will get the perfect shape but the perfect heart is gone.

I failed my parents twice and both times he didn’t come to help me or them. But only this time He will know what happens when a girls parents cry especially those who always welcomed you with open arms each time you stepped in there house after everything.

They could have had an upper hand on your family right from day one
City wise
Family wise
Education wise
And then on basis of your promises to their daughter
But they were quite because they wanted a happy association and were ok to bend

But I won’t let them bend to break. They are a girls parents and that is not a crime.
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Story of a girl who won the world but lost it all to love

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