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Please!!Please I need my eyes back????????

Please!!Please I need my eyes back????????
I don't even know how to pen this down,I am seating beside my system and these words are not just coming in form... Scattered is how my emotions are now but before I bombard you with my almost horrible experience let me say

Good evening guys.....How has your week been, if the answer is same as always then(the feeling is mutual).Am very sorry for not keeping up to speed on posting as promised...I had the most emotionally hectic week in my life so far???????? and am just recovering
{I need a love doctor... somebody help me!!! No guys o .. females only, they are very good at mending hearts????).

I woke up early on Sunday morning has usual because when your dad is a pastor you have no choice...I just ran into the bathroom,got a hot very quick shower(thatis one of the most annoying showers of My life????...Good .Hot .water just went to waste.I did not even spend up to 10 minutes????????)

We got to the gate of the church a bit late,(not for me though,am not in the church's workforce) so everyone except me and my 2 siblings just stayed put outside the church.

Then the horror movie began.????

One of the girls I have previously dated came to my church that day and my God ..she was looking stunning like she was dripping in finesse ( am very sure she knew I was coming to church that day)

(So you know Am single now)

I just had to walk up to her... she was all smiley and nice and I felt hmmm. this babe is not over me yet and I could not just get her image off my mind..So I got home after the routine church service and asap I D.M her ..

You need to see the lashing I got... it was as if it was a crime to crush again....Please give me my eyes back am not looking again... See what love {it could be lust sha} made me do..

Please share your thoughts

1.Is it bad to try to get back together with your ex..?

2.How do you deal with harsh reactions from your ex.?

3.When do you need to kill the love urge when it's coming up?

Comments are highly welcomed
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