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Plateau state student does not cheat pilgrims

No Plateau State student of. Madina University has cheated the State pilgrims in Madina, Amirul hajj justice Suraj Muhammad has said.
By Muhammad Tanko Shittu

The Plateau State Amirul hajj, Justice Suraj Muhammad, has said no official or students of Jami'a Islamiyya Madina, from the State, was
involved in fraudulent act against the pilgrims.

Justice Muhammad, was responding to media report that alleged some Plateau State students of Jami'a Islamiyya Madina (Madina Islamic University), has collected huge amount of money from pilgrims for their (hadaya,) sacrificial animal.

He said: "Our attention was drawn to a story that some students p ofJami'a Islamiyya Madina, has collected monies from our pilgrims and have issued them with fake receipt.

"We have investigated the matter and we discovered that it was true, we have also discovered that the two students involved are all student from Jigawa but not Plateau State."

Justice Ibrahim, stressed many pilgrims were victims of the act, adding that the students have refunded back all the monies.

"We have since refunded the monies amounting to 300 Riyals collected from each of the pilgrims.

The Executive Secretary of the State pilgrims board, Barr. Auwal Abdullahi, also confirmed that the students that did the act have surrendered themselves, and had apologised.

One of the victims Hajiya, Lubabatu Abdullahi, said they were approached by the students who helped in guiding them during visitation to sites in Madina, and after that they were asked to pay for their hadaya for those that couldn't have paid earlier.

She said: "We appreciated our leaders for founding out that the People are fraudsters and for returning our monies back to us."

The Plateau State students leader, Abdurrahman Mahmood Rayyan, also said non of their students was ever found doing what was reported against.

"It came to us as surprised and we saddened by the situation more so that it was allegedly linked to us," he said.

Ustas Rayyan, a PhD, student, said the reporter of the alleged involvement of their members, was either not a professional, that lacks the skills and knowledge of journaism or has another motives against the Plateau State students.

"Because non of those he interviewed mentioned that Plateau State students did fraudulent acts, we felt it was a black mail against us" he said.

The student leader said their are more than 500 Nigerians students, at the University and very few of them have decided to engage themselves in one form of activities or the other.

He said: "One of the two persons that collected the pilgrims money is an ex-student now living in Madina and the one is a student and both ofbthrm are from Jigawa State, but not Plateau State as alleged.

He gave their names as; Bello and Abubakar Yawale.

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