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people who inspire us,they are not the people who are famous,actually they are the people around us.........

The people around us like our parents especially and the people who work around us like drivers,gardeners,traffic policemen,teachers and labours etc.These are the real people who will inspire us,the kind of hardwork they do is in front of us,without them o
let's ask some questions with ourselves,we are discussing here about #inspiration.1.How
do we get inspired?2.what are the qualities of a #person who inspire us?we mostly get inspired by their work or by their #achievement in their life,now what is achievement?as per my thinking #achievement is living a happy and satisfied life and fulfilling the basic needs of our #family.The most important thing is your God should be happy with you,how will you make him happy?by not following the wrong path,being truthful,thankful and honest.let's come towards the second question,about the qualities of a #person who inspire us.Different people see different qualities but the basic qualities are:1.The person should be honest 2.should be hardworking 3.Truthful 4.Tackles all the problems peacefully 5.Well-mannered.These qualities could be seen in some people.such people will always #inspire us to achieve something in life.such people will never stop smiling even in their toughest times.
The basic thing we learn from them is not to #quit.Whenever someone tries to insult them,they take it as a challenge and handles the situation peacefully.Do comment about the people who inspired you.They are some #famous people or some #common people.

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zainshaik profile image
Yes ofcourse, it is important to be happy with ourself to inspire others!
TheOldy profile image
Isn?t it also important you are happy with yourself to inspire others?