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PaymentAsia - A Top-Notch Provider of Cutting Edge Payment Solutions Worldwide

PaymentAsia - A Top-Notch Provider of Cutting Edge Payment Solutions Worldwide
PaymentAsia is a top-rated provider of innovative e-payment solutions and services to merchants in South East Asia or beyond. Founded in 1999 and based in Hong Kong, the company has scaled it services and is focused on providing cost-effective, seamless and secure payment solutions to businesses in various verticals.

Solutions for All Categories of Businesses
Businesses that have benefited from Payment Asia’s solutions include start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises. The company is a one-stop shop for payments solutions including solutions for seamless integration, implementation, management, reporting and analytics. Clients can select from different packages according to their needs and requirements. Certain features like reporting, fraud monitoring and multi-currency support and technical/customer service are common features to all packages. There has been much appreciation of the company’s solutions and services in PaymentAsia reviews on the internet.

Multiple Payment Methods Support
PaymentAsia ’s omni-channel payment solutions are the perfect tools for businesses to accept payments via different methods including cards, direct bank transfers, mobile payments and e-wallet payments. As of now, the company supports numerous channels including Visa cards, MasterCards, China UnionPay, Bitcoin, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayPal and Apple Pay. In addition to this, the R&D team of the company has developed a QR system based mobile payment app called the PA – Pay App to support cashless Alipay transactions in the online mode as well as the offline mode.

Solutions for International Transactions
PaymentAsia develops cost-effective solutions for cross-border transactions. Apart from supporting payments in over a hundred currencies worldwide, their solutions are backed by real-time exchange rates and flexible settlement schedules that remove any hindrances to smooth business operation. Also, their system can be customized in preferred languages and the company also provides customer service in multiple languages. In fact, payment asia has scaled its operations to the international arena and is now in eighty-eight countries. Since inception, the company has served over five thousand clients, many of who have praised their solutions in PaymentAsia reviews.

Benefits to E-Commerce Merchants
E-commerce businesses are major clients of Payment Asia’s service and it’s not difficult to understand why. The company supports the most popularly used shopping cart plug-ins like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, and Shopify. E-commerce merchants can select between direct API and a hosted payment page. Payment Asia can support various sales channels such as mobile-commerce, e-commerce and MOTO merchant account with a virtual terminal.

Security is A Top Priority
In payment asia reviews, you will find clients who are very satisfied with the company’s risk management solutions. Payment Asia is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant which is a huge advantage to protect sensitive card data. The company uses advanced AI technology in developing fraud monitoring systems that clients can implement to protect their online business. A team of highly skilled and passionate technical experts works hard to improve the safety and efficiency of payments solutions.

Payment Asia reviews have given a thumbs-up to the company’s services. As a smart merchant, you can validate this by getting in touch with paymentasia .
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Payment Asia is an expert in providing comprehensive ecommerce payment solutions to various kinds of enterprises, assisting merchants to catch the wave of technological development.

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