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Pansit pansitan or ( Shiny Bush or Clear Weed

Pansit pansitan or ( Shiny Bush or Clear Weed

Shiny Bush or Clear weed is a common herb found all over the world. It is a herbal that common grown in moist and shady surrounding such as the edges of houses, under the tree , canals, walls and burns. The noodle is just as thick as the wild so itvis easy to find. Base on these studies, it is the herbal medicine for uric acid. It is also an effective remedy for kidney disease.

Make sure the selected plants are correct as a remedy for uric acid. To determine the appearance , the nozzle is a green heart shaped leaf. It has a small bones that you can attach to the shiny weed branch. Such a branch is located at the top of the plant.

Although considerd a wild herb, the shiny weed is one of the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines approved and recommended plants. It is also commonly used for the treatment of rheumatism or arthritis.

This is a herbal remedy for uric acid but it is definitely the most effective of all. They are also easy to find and do not have spend and buy. But above all , consult first your to insure about your health condition.

Uric acid or gout is one of a common diseases of today. You maybe complaining about this disease. Many Filipino and people around the world suffer from this disorder. This is probobly because of what the eat. Frequently, uric acid can hear the wrong foods and be consumed as the main reason for thier existence. But how can be this remeded.

This disease is commonly considered a chemical waste that is ofter found in a person body. It accumulates whenever the digestive system dissolves a chemical called purine. It is found in food such as liver and mushrooms. Most uric stone are found in the blood. They release uric acid through the body through the urine.

HowDoes Uric Acid or Gout Get and do you know what uric acid is.

Excessive levels of uric acid can accumulate in your body. And when it accumulates in a very short period of time , thecondition result in a disease known as the medical term HYPERURICEMIA . The high concentration of uric acid in our blood can be uric crystal. This uric crystal can be stored in a soft tissue and bone marrow. These cores have a needle appearance. This causes the gout to develope . Gout is also known as gouty arthritis

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