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Our education system

Three months back, A University topper, my friend has applied for several jobs but couldn't get what he deserves. One day We both were having debate. I was convincing not to wait for particular job in the hour of need but unfortunately our education system made us confined to one specific field and just teaches us how can we earn money only in that field.
Purpose of education is to expand your vision. Our institutes provide only job holders. They produce servants not business men.
One thing I have been taught that never try to earn money, try to generate money. Don't know about others but personally I don't like to work like servants that's why don't wanna do job.

Unfortunately an educated person is working from day to night (probably 10 hrs) in the office for normal pay. On the other hand an uneducated person earning the same in almost 5 hrs. Isn't that unfair? Educated person, using his abilities and skills should not only earn money but can distribute money by providing further employments. He must know how and where to invest even little source of money to generate further. If every 2nd student has this same mentality I hope uneducated ones will definitely get inspiration from educated ones and jobs would be only limited to uneducated ones.


By Mahrukh

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