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Open Mindedness.

Our lives and our beliefs should not be imposed on others but we should consider certain views from other and thereby trying to understand them from a point of their motive, helping such stance to go through various refinery process as against fact.

At various times, we feel insecure when dealing with people. The question is; what brings about such feeling?

The truth is that it's takes a while for an individual to fully and unconditionally build a level of trust for the other, and this does not make them rude or weird when they just can't go with you together on a common view.

In any ways, Open mindedness is simply a virtue that needs to be learnt in order to help an individual reason well with a projected form of view against facts. This is not to say that , that being open minded should be the premise of acceptance to every stance, but open mindedness means turning you scrutiny glasses on to simply decipher the best option from a proposed stand.

In conclusion, being open minded is not truth compromising, being open minded means you raise the flag of truth.

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