Olivetson Safeway: The Genius Who Ran Away
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Olivetson's 25th Birthday: The day I realized i became a ghost (Kid Cudi - Ghost references)

Olivetson's 25th Birthday: The day I realized i became a ghost (Kid Cudi - Ghost references)
Stay on Facebook: Just use it wisely

Please pardon me for being negative on my birthday,I just
need to be as honest as possible with you. My 25th birthday made me realize
that I lost a lot of people, if not everyone, 2019 May, showed me how much
things have changed, from receiving 100 birthday wishes to only getting 5 - 10.
The funny part about all of it is that it is all my doing, I had changed and
lost connection with a lot of people.

I stopped
remembering people's birthdays the day I decided to leave Facebook, the day I
stared away from this platform I lost so much, I became non-existent, I
abandoned my talents, my close friends, hobbies, business relationships and
relevance, which all led to personality shift that changed everything

Becoming ghost....

Becoming a
ghost while you are alive is the worst thing that can happen, mostly because you
are doing it to try and better your life, I came to a point where I was exposed
to how bad social media is, it is a distraction, bla bla bla. It is really not,
just like many tools invented, I just had to use it efficiently. When I was on
Facebook I was organizing events, making music, attending shows, creating
countless relationships, wishing people birthdays and being involved in
conversations on groups that I had created.

The Shift

Leaving Facebook
didn't work for me, and I believe there might be someone out there, going
through what I did, from having a fan base to ashes. Everything dies, you start
seeing through the lies and feeling the energy on all replies. The shift
started from trying to do everything right, exercise, drink more water like
Mick Jenkins, bath longer, quit music, go to school and leave Facebook,
although this felt safe, right and clever, "The Safeway" is not
always the best way,

The Loses

First sign; I
started losing the closest people to me, best friends, partners, cousins,
mentors, aunts and all. These loses reflected from nothing that I knew of, I
cannot tell you exactly what I did wrong to push most of them away, but I
realized that in life you do really get what you give, I always felt like I was
there for them enough in a way that lacked a substance that I am still trying
to find. One of my brothers recently told me that people are not looking for
the kindest person in the world, but a person who is kind enough to focus on
themselves in a way which make people say; mmmmhhh.... I want to be around
him/her. Everyone I had lost I had invested my soul to, and they got tired of
that, people get tired when you are just nice and have nothing to show for it.
People have needs and goals, once you slack they drop you and move on.

Don't get me wrong

I am fully
appreciative of the loved ones; My mother, Sister, Nephew, 2 Cousins, My Aunt,
My Girlfriend, My ex-girlfriend, 2 Durban friends, one friend from High School
who had a birthday I few days back (Forgot her birthday 3 times in a row) and
even my dad (Shocker), who were able to take their time and send me some womb
day blessings, I really appreciate that, and acknowledge that there are people
out there who have it wore. This blog is not focusing on complaining but
showing how much things can change and how many people can be irrelevant to you
in a short space of time.

So …….

The people who
wished me a birthday are questionable, in a good way, I had just went to my
aunt's place in Jo-burg for an interview, I had just forgotten one the cousin's
I mentioned birthday, the other cousin had a birthday 8 day before me, I sent
him a text message, My Girlfriend is very current she had to know, My ex is
spending her first year on my birthday without me, I had just spent a weekend
with those Durban friends and we mentioned my Birthday on that Monday a few
times, my dad is always updated by my Half-brother who is obsessed with not
letting go of my Facebook account which is now used for business, so
since the Birth date is not changed, he stays aware when it says "PinhoVet
Multimedia having a birthday today" he immediately runs straight to my
lost father to make him aware and my Nephew knows it mostly because it is right
after he's mother's day on the 18th of May... okay okay I’ll give it to my
nephew, he know it!! I can feel it.

Leaves us with......

My mother, My
Sister, My Girlfriend, My Nephew, one friend, and squeeze in my ex in there
because she texted first during midnight. That is 5 people who wished me a
birthday when I turned a scary 25. Although 5 is my favourite number; is there
anything wrong with that? Just having only five people out of 1000 cell phone
numbers on WhatsApp and a couple friends you call your best.


I am not broken,
I am aware that people get tired of bullshit, people are busy, people move on,
the world doesn't rotate around you, you aunt' shit, From having 500 wishes to
have only 5 while you are washing dishes. There is so much I have left out
here, hopefully you read while patching my loopholes, I cannot be going through
this alone.

Spread love, be
kind to people, pay attention, give, call, text, laugh, dance and most
importantly don't leave Facebook, just use it wisely

- Olivetson Safeway

Side Note: Muhle i hope you read this

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