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No More Walls!

No More Walls!
Creating a space to avoid divorce.
A very special person came to the side cliff’s edge of divorce. My husband & I prayed for her. When we found out a miracle happened and her marriage was restored my husband asked, “Who you think was to blame?” I replied. “Both, they forgot to see the bigger picture.” In this situation it was because of the small walls. No castastrophic behaviour, just tiny fences started.
Walls in our heart look like serene garden fence with a pretty gate. We think, oh I can have a laxadasicial attitude this morning, oh this request can be overlooked and actions undone mingled with words in anger pretty fences can be built. To make room for our pride priorititizes the needs for them. Suddenly the pretty little fence we got comfortable with becomes Ft. Knox.
Don’t allow the pebbles to build up around your heart those pebbles block the love valve to the soul.
Be vulnerable and open. Quick to forgive, and faster to ask for help. Always talk and listen intently to break down the fences. Change! If you are too comfortable, something is wrong, get back to basics. Loving someone should always be changing you to live, act, and listen more.
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