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My View on Modern Feminism

My View on Modern Feminism
Feminism is good, but should be understood.
My Girl Friend bumped into my articles on, and she called me aside and said; "in all honesty, i don't think this relationship can work any longer"
"is it because of those articles?" i asked, already scared that she meant what she said.
"not just that" she replied, and tried implying more, "you speak of feminism like it's a bad thing..."
when i tried correcting her she quickly fired on more, "shut up let me finish. i am a feminist but am not a monster, women may be weak but that does not makes us inferior, men may have so many responsibilities but that doesn't mean that we(women) becomes slaves. I've heard you speak negatively about feminism in the past, and now i think we can't be together"
i smiled and she ignored my good looks, i felt i had been a tad too sticky on the topic Feminism and maybe the woman right, and to every one i have offended including my girlfriend, jerry is sorry.
But know this, i don't hate feminism, and feminist. I rather think ideology did a lot of good to even civilization, i mean look at all the good it have done even at home, because i tell you what, women have the credentials to boost a hard a sleeky end, and i say this from every sense.
My address on Feminism have always been to the young Ladies, and on the subject matter being into marriage.
Your View on trying to find equality in your homes, or maybe in the your relationship may, only may if no true understanding could ruin you.
Believe me when i say this, every guy somehow don't totally like a weak lady, that means we like someone who's kinda bossy. But when you along the line play it out and start ,misplacing priorities, some fix supererogatory items into your relationships, something like (i can not wash the dishes, because i also work the same way he does.) i pity you.
Instead use wisdom.
So i would end this blog on My Feminist Girl friend here, before she hits me with a turning garri stick.
Share your views and join me on other topics.
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This was extremely fun to read