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My showroom

Display of my toys
This is the weirdest room you've ever been

The setup makes your heart skip a beat

It leaves you in a form of ecstasy

A few moments away

I spot you casually entering my room

Red lights everywhere to filter my tools

The moment you shut the door behind you

Your eyes popped

You've never seen such a vast collection of toys

Your heart is racing out of excitement and fear

As you spot both familiar and unfamiliar set of toys

Now what you see with your eyes feed your imagination

It gives your body the chills

I sit at a distant corner

I stare at you with a mischievous smile

Your energy is felt from like a mile away

I can tell what you would like to be tried on you

Most epecially by me

Because I'm a dark and twisted weird ass fuck

The more time you spend on caressing the tools,

The more bright ideas i get

I start to get a bit of discomfort around my pants

I try to surpress it but...

Seeing you in the short latex gown threw me off

And when you got on your toes i lost it

Finally i get up to receive you and do to you as you please.
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