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My pure feelings about her *(Part- 1)*

My pure feelings about her *(Part- 1)*
So guys... this article is like a love letter for your life's biggest happiness- your love. the thoughts I feel for mine are a part of this blog and if you want to feel them just click here and read and wait for next !!!
My "her" is as beautiful as other's "her", but the difference arises when she talks when she laughs when she shares her pains, her dark past, her bizarre thoughts and tells her feelings about "me". when she dares to punch me like "her" punching bag when she talks to me like a kid when she falls with me when she tires with me and at last when she loves me.

She becomes insecure when I take any other girl's name in front of her, the expressions of her face at that point of time make me feel the luckiest person in the world.

Her picks in which she blinks her eyes pout her lips and makes me seduce on her love expression for me seem such fine examples of love she feels for me...

I can say my story will not be immortal for others but for me, it is itself because of my love which is immortal. I may not but the soul of this world's; the colorful nature, the blue water, the colors of the whole world and even the colorless wind will also be a witness of my love towards "her".

so guys.. this article will be purest feeling i feel for her in my heart, it may be your story but not as same... keep following !!!
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My never-ending thoughts gave me a story, a sci-fi one- story of ego and a machine, reading this blog you will get some extraordinary exclamations on some incidents... read my this dream- The Boneman@

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