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My lifestyle journey begun February 2019.... the first three photos are of how I looked before the beginning of the journey and the last for are lates

My lifestyle journey begun February 2019.... the first three photos are of how I looked before the beginning of the journey and the last for are lates
The family cycle can be broken if we choose to.Its true that genetics dictate your body shape and body type.Your body shape is determined by the amount of fat stored in different body parts.Genes interact with the environment to bring about changes .This i

Before I begun the weightloss journey,I used to believe that am fat or big bodied because it runs in the family.

After I bore my second born daughter,I added too much though someone was bumping air on me.. ballooned.I was touched once , whenever you're I went for some medical checkup and I weighed 86kg.I became stressed and a thought came to my mind and I decided that genetics is not a death sentence.In as much as most of my family members are big bodied,I felt am not a slave to genetics or family history.

Clinging to family history simply puts you at a higher risk of developing lifestyle diseases.I then chose to practice a healthy lifestyle,no matter what my life history is.Choosing a healthy lifestyle means no listening to excuses,it didn't matter to me my family history I thought I have to break the cycle by simply changing my habits.

Strategy number one.

I started waking up at around 5:30am jog for 20minutes and I could be home at 6:00am sweating profusely.This I did for one month after which I could not sweat after doing the same thing.So I decided to increase the distance and work for 40minutes...I could ran up a given hill near my house.At first it was not easy but I was motivated since I met a group of people doing it.

By the end of two months it became running and was part and parcel of me.I Loved it,I could do it comfortable without company or support.I added a few sit-ups daily and I noticed a change.

Strategy number two.

I joined a group on lifestyle and at that time they were doing challenge 'no wheat no sugar' for 21days.This was a challenge although I really tried to reduce by a great percentage.By the end of the challenge my tummy had already reduced a great deal.I was motivated by this change and even after that I managed to reduce wheat and sugar todate.

Strategy number three.

I started reducing carbohydrates or starch in the evening.Most of us love eating ugali and chapatis in the evening.I said no to starch in the evening but I was not able, therefore I reduced to half my usual portion,then to quarter and by the end of one month I got used to this lifestyle.

I practice eating alot of vegetables and little or no starch especially in the evening.

Strategy number four.

Drinking alot of water especially in the morning.I could wake up go for work outs and after sometime take two to three cups of water either plain or with lemon.Taking alot of water the entire day became part of my practice.

Believe me,I have changed a great deal,since Feb till now I have lost a lot of weight.I weigh 65kgs now.And I have chosen not to change my life style, it's part of me and does not harm me.You can also make it.

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