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My hometown

The explorer
I just got off the phone

It was a long flight but i arrived safely

I'm back to my howetown

But i don't feel like going home

Instead i book a 4-star hotel to sleep for the night

So i get to the hotel i make my payment

Then i retire to my room

The weather is calm

And the room is cozy

I got a room with a good view

To spend my nights at the terrace

So a few hours later i get bored

Heading straight to the bar downstairs

I order my 2 favorite drinks and mix and drink up

I get into a deep conversation with the bartender

And in the midst of all that my mood becomes brightened

I'm having fun watching all the activities happening around.

That i forgot for a moment why i came back home

This goes on for quite a while until my eyes catch something

As they say in fairytales i had butterflies in my stomach

She was a gush of elegance from
The first time i saw her.
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