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My friends pushed me

Know the company u keep
It's so annoying and frustrating abt d excuses ladies do give wen they date rich men and leave their loving, caring boyfriend bcos he has not attained dat level of wealth,the most annoying excuse is my friends pushed me into it
My friend sit down there,the friends dat were not there wen u guys started,d friends dat can never see d vision u saw before u said yes,d friends dat can't understand how much he loves u, friend kill u there
The holy book says let ur yes be yes and ur no No
Even if they can be so persuasive,must u be friends with them,iron sharpeneth iron,move with friends who share in ur view abt things,once I know a friend is trying to lure me into something bad,I delete instantly
U want ur guy to be rich
Y not assist him with prayers
Encourage him
Be there for him
So dat at d end of d day u won't loose a man with vision to the one with television,u will end up watching d man with vision on the television.
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Anything u wanna know abt makeup, starting from how hard eye brow can be to how to spice up ur relationship down to wat u need to make u look good and tight down there

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