Sea Four Poems
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More Than Friends

More Than Friends
A journey from "just friends" to "more than friends..."
There comes a time
When everything else changes
But what is the sign
That feelings do eventually changes

We used to sit, laugh and gist
Then we were just friends
We now smile and hug at least
You could say we're more than friends

I learnt that we add more to our pages
When you're here with me
And even though human feelings eventually changes
You should know, that's fine by me

You could lay still tonight
While i do the singing
Or maybe, blind up my sight
As you walk thru my dreaming
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Imagine yourself drowning in a sea of heartfelt words Gulping a million litres of breath-taking rhymes Slowly and gently as pictures of life's art Take hold of your mind Imagine! And all you just wanna do right now is Drown much longer in Sea Four..

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