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More Borders...

More Borders...
Israel's Gaza border and the US-Mexico border; Issues, differences, and commonalities
President Trump has been under continuous fire ever since he went into office. He has prioritized the US-Mexico Border more than other social welfare issues that American citizens has questioned his intentions. He has stated that his main concern was to stop 'illegal immigrants or asylum seekers'.

Israel, also has quite a similar issue wherein they are being criticized by the international community — their Gaza Border. The Gaza Border, according to their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu is to prevent the 'infiltration of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip into Israel."

The physical barriers the USA and Israel are trying to make, one of which is close to completion (Israel) within the year. The 6 metre wall that will have a 65 km course underground barrier is to prevent or neutralise threat from Gaza fighters. Similarly, the US-Mexico border is said to aim to prevent these immigrants as well as prevent possible 'terrorists' enter the country. These reasons stated by both states exhibit that they are aiming to protect their country, however, at what cost?

The cost of Israel's violent fight against Palestinians trying to return to their communities where they have been ethnically cleansed and have seen no other method but to fight back with violence are lives. More lives sacrificed everyday along the border, from both sides, one side trying to regain their home, the other protecting their territory and maintain their claim to the Holy Land.

The USA on the other hand, has undergone drastic measures to address the issues of illegal immigration. President Trump expresses his proposal to spend millions to billions of dollars to build the wall. Prevention of illegal immigrants have also gone under fire when the USA was caught separating children from their parents when they were caught illegally crossing as a strong 'deterrent measure'.

Both issues have various human rights violations as well as the concern that the US-Mexico border is a possibly due to 'discrimination' since Trump has not mentioned the loopholes of the wall as there are still borders (Canadian and Coastal) that also risk illegal immigrants. Israel has neglected to address the issue at hand by building a physical wall to prevent opposition and infiltration. It might not be appropriate to call these band-aid solutions to their supposed 'problems' but it is superficial and has caused more harm than good in the sense that human lives have been disregarded and more collateral damage (including children) has been done.


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