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Mera Bestie

Mera Bestie
She entered my life as a third person and now ruling my life as a bestie
An unexpected accident happened in my life that is nothing but her entry into my life. She was my Bio tuition mate with a good looking face but never used to open her mouth. I too don't have any attraction towards her. Yes, two years we completed our tuition without even talking a single word, yes even a single word.
Both of us selected a bio maths group in higher secondary just to fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor. After seeing my marks, I decided to go for Bsc Chemistry and she went for BDS. Mark sometime plays in our life, agree?..
No more contact, No more conversations between me and that girl. Days went fast. One day i saw her name in my fb suggestion list and I gave her a friend request, suddenly I received a notification sowmiya dharani accepted your friend request. Nothing to feel that much good because she is not even a friend of mine that time.
Five years gone but still I used to remember the first conversation of us
Me: Madam, do you remember me?
She: Sir, How can I forget you...
After her reply, I got smile atleast for a couple of minutes and we start to continue our conversation. After few days the status of our friendship changed from third person to friend then friend to best friend and now she is ruling me as a bestie of my life.It goes on. Its going on.
And she used to tell me often that dei rosario, if you fall in love with anyone, surely you will forget me.But today I proudly proved that her statement is wrong, yes I hope you people will understand what I am willing to tell. Yes she become closer with my love than me.
Now I started asking her will you talk with me after your marriage? I don't have a fear to losing her but I dont want to loose her in my life. She is going to get marry this year and I am going to get the result for my question which I mentioned above.


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