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Masturbation: Preparing Your Mind For Action.

Masturbation: Preparing Your Mind For Action.
Masturbation is a common behavior even among people who have a sex partner and is the first sexual act experience by most males and females alike. But can it be controlled.
Masturbation: Preparing Your Mind For Action. - Image 1

Many masturbate to relieve tension and anxiety. Masturbation, though, is a childish way to react to problems. (compare 1 Corinthian 13:11) Better it is to show "thinking ability" and attack the problem itself.(Proverbs 1:4) When problems and frustrations seem overwhelming "throw all your anxiety upon God (1 Peter 5:6,7)

Suppose you accidentally see or hear something that is sexually stimulating? The Bible recommends that you should prepare yourself for action; beself-control.(1 Peter 1:13) says; exert your mind and reject the immoral thought. The arousal will soon die down.

Masturbation: Preparing Your Mind For Action. - Image 2Rejecting bad thoughts is specially difficult, though when one is alone at night. One young woman advises; "The best thing to do is get right out of bed and get busy with some type of work, or maybe have a little snack, so thatyour mind turns to other things."Yes,forceyourself to consider whatever things are of serious concern, righteous, chaste, lovable, well spoken of.' (Philippians 4:8)

When you have difficulty falling asleep, endeavor to imitate faithful King David, who wrote; "When i have remembered you God upon my lounge, during the night watches I meditate on you." (Psalm 63:6)Forcingyour mind to ponder on God and his qualities will often break the spell. It also help if you keep thinking of how God views this unclean habit (Psalm 97:10)
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