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Manan ff -- destiny --- chp-- 2

The second chapter of destiny

Character sketch -2

Shivay Singh Oberoi:eldest son of the oberois and the richest man on the planet.if you hurt Nandini he sets the world on fire.nandini is his sister and princess.naan,khoon,khandan matter a lot to him .knows Nandinis reason for lying to manik.partof dazzlers, drummer.

Omkara Singh Oberoi:secong son of the oberois.richest painter.if you touch Nandini you are dead.knows Nandinis reason for lying to manik.part of dazzlers, pianist.

Rides Singh Oberoi:a flirt but knows his limits.3rd son of the Oberoi a.you touch Nandini and he will kill you. Knows Nandinis reason for lying to manik. Part of dazzlers, acoustic guitarist.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi/randhawa:married .eldest daughter of the oberois. Not shy.very bold. Knows Nandinis reason of lying. Loves Nandini a lot. Member of dazzlers, electric guitarist.

Nandini Singh Oberoi:not at all shy .wears very bold clothes.hiding her identity due to security reasons.loves manik.had to lie to him to save his career. part of dazzlers, lead singer.

Dazzlers is the most popular band in the world.

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Some articles by a teenager written in order to express her agony, frustration, pain, guilt and hurt

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