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Manan ff --- destiny--- chapter ----- 9

Manan ff --- destiny--- chapter ----- 9
Chapter 9 of destiny

Nandini turned back only to find rudra standing there, and why not he might be a baby for their entire family but when matters come to nandini everyone of them was a mature individual.rudra came forward, put a comforting upon nandini's shoulder, turned her towards himself, and then hugged her tightly, which forced her show her emotions, she finally gave up and hugged him tightly while crying and speaking in a muffled voice," Ru......dy a....is....a ky......u ho r....ah.....a ha.....in ha...ma...re s...aat....h? W.....here d..id ....we g.......o wron......g he .....ma...nik ....he di....dn't e...ver kil...l a s....ingle i.....nse....ct in his ent.....ire life..... th...en why...... is he g....ettin....g puni.......shed for .....no ...sin.... of his....? "

rudra couldn't see her like this he patted her back, while whispering sweet things in her ears while deep down even he was breaking, and why not seeing hour more like daughter and less like sister breaking down shattering wasn't surely easy to watch was it no.

It wasn't .

He and nandini sat on the bench and then she spoke with him saying,"Rudy I ummm love manik a lot but at the same time before getting into any relationship with him I want to heal him, bring back my old manik,the guy I fell for, the guy who stole my heart, with a single glance of his. You know what Rudy I didn't fall into love with him , I walked into love with him , choosing to take every step along the way, with my eyes wide open, ice hose him and I want him for a a hundred lifetimes and for now, the first time I met him, at space I started hating him but at the same time I admired him, I admired him for his nature, the way he helped everyone, his chivalrous attitude, the way he looked after everyone. And then our confession day I was on the top of the world and why not I had loved like since forever but then when I got to know that he was in a relationship with alya I broke down but didn't give up I never told him that I am his jaan, today seeing him so broken broke something OK my inside me he is so good and the next thing why would someone so close to manik whom manik trusted with his heart and soul do something OK no so disastrous with him?i simply don't get it. But then looking at him I think he had his reasons to do so otherwise why would he do it? "

rudra couldn't see her like this that night he made a silent vow to himself he promised that he would heal manik with nandini. He looked at nandini and then said,"nandini manik will be fine gathering yourself and heal him he was with you during all your right times and now it's your chance to show the world the power of love, the power of destiny, the power of fate, the power of a hope. "

Nandini nodded her head wished him goodnight and then heading d towards her room to sleep with her manik. She looked at his handsome and sexy face, caressed it and kissed his forehead, lay on top him putting her head on his heart waiting to listen to his musical heart beats qnd then slowly wandered off into the land of her dreams.

Here the oberoi brothers saw how rudra handled nandini and face lit proud of their baby bro who had grown into a mature individual they hugged him tightly and then said, "Rudy we are proud of you". Whereas the rest of the gang pondered over who were those mysterious people trying to separate manik and nandini.

The next day,

Manik woke up due to the glaring of the sun rays and then snuggled more into nandini's hairs and as his hot breathe ticked her in the neck she woke up she woke up to see the scenario she would like to see for the rest of her life, her life her Mani sleeping with his mouth ajar, she admired him for half qn hour and then got up went towards the washroom changed herself and then ,

softly ruffling manik's hairs whispered in his ears,"it's wakey wakey time , time to rise and shine."

manik groaned and then pulled andini on the bed with him whispering is his morning sexy voice in her ears,"give me my morning dose and I wake up baby "

Hearing this nandini started blushing intensely and profusely hearing morning dose but then feigning innocence asked him,"morning dose manik? What is that? "

manik understood the playfulness in her voice and then turned her keeping her on the bed and he coming on top her kissed her passionately,intesely taking the whole the whole of her lips in his mouth and then asked for entrance in her mouth and while she thought of teasing him so denied it and he understood her trick so pinched her waist and she gasped while he took that opportunity and quickly shoved his tongue into her mouth.

They both kissed for twenty minutes when mister oxygen asked for an entrance so unwillingly both of them had tobreak the kiss and while nandini blushed beetroot red and had a black ouy for a couple of seconds even manik was panting hard while holding her waist tightly which prevented her forehead on falling, out of nowhere, there was a knock on the door and suddenly a manly voice called out


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