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Manan ff destiny chapter 8

Destiny chapter 8

Manik it was none other than cabir and alya"this came as a big blow for manik.

Even though he though alya could do this he was sure cabir couldn't.

Areeee after all cabir was his soul brother, he was the first one to whom to whom manik had revealed about his feelings for nandini, he was the one who had encouraged manik to tell nandini about his feelings then why would he do this? Manik was devastated.

He looked towards nandini like a lost child and probably uttered the most difficult word out there,"why??"

Nandini couldn't take this state of manik she quickly made him sit on the bed and then embossed him in her hug as if it was the last time. Manik was in tears. She hugged him tightly and then,"manik stop crying OK sh...sh.... it's okay manik wasn't it was destiny but then again see manik how the wheel of fate rotated itself and made us meet again."

Manik looked at nandini in daze he couldn't still believe that reality, many a times we as human beings seek solace in different people, object, places, things and at that time we are termed as lonely, a person depression and so many more things.

But has anyone ever tried to know the truth?

The truth was that sometimes we are hurt so deeply by our close ones that we loose trust for us the meaning of trust the essence of the word trust is lost and that is why we seek solace. We seek solace to make ourselves away from the harsh realities of life and indulge ourselves in a world that is the place where we create a world of our own where hatred, betrayal, pain doesn't exist.

Nandini saw manik's condition and understood it so well after all she herself had been in his place a few years back but Chuck it. Now her main focus was on manik, to make him come back. She quickly made him lie down on the bed and then asked him to get some sleep. Manik clutched her hand tightly and then said,"ab kya baki sab ki tara tum bhi mujhe chor kar chali jaogi? Kya main itna bura hoon ki koyi mere saath nehi rehena chahata hain? "

Nandini controlled her sobs it wasn't a very pleasant sight for her to watch her life, her manik this helpless so broken she just couldn't tolerate it. She realised the depth of his siblings insecurities,his fears. They were so deep that they had destroyed his self confidence. Eaten him up from within made him feel like a worthless piece of shit. Like was never a bed of roses for him, but hey who said life was easy? She hated down beside him and started humming a tune for him.

Apni Aankhein Khaali Kar De

She wanted him to share his pain her, she wanted to feel his pain to make him feel wanted and not taken for granted.

Kaash Tu Meri Aankhein Bhar De

She wanted him to let it all out. They had promised to stick with each other through all thick and thins. They promised to share each ounce of happiness then why not sorrow?

Kaash Tu Meri Aankhein Bhar DeMere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge

She wanted to know what was eating him up what made him feel so insecure??

Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge

She promised that she would be fine and that she would also make him fine, make him feel he was needed he was loved there were people in this world who lived for him, who loved him just like he was meant to be loved.

Ho Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge
Do Yeh Saugaat Tum, Toh Zamaane Ki Hum

So he should share his pain with her, she knew yes she did that after facing each a betrayal from some one whom you called your soul brother it wasn't easy to again get up stand on your legs and say that your heart was repaired and it was as good as new. It wasn't that easy but then what was love? Love was the strength that used to succeed when all powers used to fail love used to triumph over all and maybe that was why even the almighty made this two meet so that she healed each other."tukro main tum thhe, tukro main hum thhe, lekin jab yeh mile toh pure ho gaye "

Do Yeh Saugaat Tum, Toh Zamaane Ki Hum
Har Khushi Se Mukar Jayenge

She was pleading to him she was begging him she was telling him that if he was fine, then all was fine and that it Was fine to fall to let someone his walls to allow someone to break his walls she promised him that she like others wouldn't leave him.but was it so easy to trust again after being broken by someone who was your life.

Hum Mar Jayenge..Ho...

If required she would die for him. He was her life, and mental death was worse than physical death. Cause what is death? Death is that situation when you can't feel can't breath can't see. But that's physical death death of the body but if I do the same thing to someone mentally then wouldn't it bee the same? She was dieing a thousand deaths inside seeing her like this. Her heart wasn't ready to accept this harsh reality of life, the reality where a forever didn't exist. Where love emotions were just words to toil around with, to play with. All she wished now was to be coccooned in a bubble with him and never to get out of it.

Hum Mar JayengeMere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Paayenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar JayengeTere Kaandhe Se Hi Lag Ke

Yaara Beete Umar Saari

Socho Kaisi Hogi Kismat

Hua Yun Toh Phir Humaari

She was wandering that if pain betrayal and all this didn't exist then what would the world look like would their lives change? Would they be happy?

Saare Aansoon Toh Ho Tere
Aur Aankhein Ho Humaari

She wanted him to cry, to let out all his pain but they shouldn't be his eyes, it shouldn't be his eyes that should be suffering such a pure soul didn't deserve such hatred.

Tere Dard Humein Jo Mile Pyaar Mein
Tere Dard Humein Jo Mile Pyaar Mein
Hum Khushi Se Yun Bhar Jayenge

If she gets pain in his love she is more than ready for it, for her her first priority was him and if making him fine all right meant killing herself destroying herself then she nandini Singh oberoi was more than ever ready to do it.

Hum Mar Jayenge Ho O..
Hum Mar JayengeMere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar JayengeChaahe Dukh Ho, Chaahe Sukh Ho
Dil Ne Tujhko Hi Pukaara

Whenever she was in any kind of problem her hero her manik would always come there and help her but now when he needed her she was helpless

Tune Humko Hai Banaaya

He made her, before he entered her life for her love was a game but after he came her life changed she started falling in love with the concept of love.

Tune Humko Hai Sanwaara
Jahaan Ko Rab Ka Hai, Humein Tera Hai Sahaara

Whoever she needed support, needed a shoulder to cry upon he was always there supportive no her like no one else then why why the hell couldn't she help him when he needed her the most.

Bas Tera Saath Ho, Chaahe Jo Baat Ho
Bas Tera Saath Ho, Chaahe Jo Baat Ho
Tere Kehne Se Kar Jayenge
Hum Mar Jayenge Ho O..
Hum Mar JayengeHa...Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar JayengeMere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam Hum Sanwar Jayenge

Scene at the living room,

All the people present there heard a beautiful melodious voice and went to search for it, while the dazzlers had a hunch or clue who it was, the rest of them were clueless.

They moved towards the voice and then stopped outside nandini's room hearing her melodious voice, but it was laced with hurt. They moved forward to question her when they saw her coming out and silently followed her.

She went towards the pool and then looked up at the stars,"I hate you stars I hate you I mean how could you jiss larke ne hamesha sirf pyaar kiya hua ho kabhi kissi ko taklif nehi pohochaya ho aap uske saath inti Barri nainsafi kaise kar sakte hain? Agar pagal o ki tarah ha vishwaas karta hain keheta hain jab mujhe meri manzil nehi dikhti hain toh main in stars ko dekhta hoon aur yeah mujhe apni manzil dikhati hain, aree jo larka aapni dosto ke liye aapni jaan ki bhi qurbaani de Sakta hain aap usko hi aise gaddar dost kaise de sakte ho? "

A voice came from the back, "main batata hoon"

I think now it's your duty to guess who was it and yeah I gave back to back updates and next update is ready so if I get good response you never know.

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Hay aap tho wattapad may bi yahi thak ki story haina u said that further updates yaha milega but yaha bi kuch nahi mila
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Nice update