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Manan ff destiny chapter 7

Destiny chapter 7

After nandini's dance ended there was silence for a while but then the audience erupted with cheers, the dazzlers hugged nandini but she was only waiting to know what he had thought and when she had looked into his eyes she found her answer his eyes had been clouded by love, desire, passion and lust.

Nandini shuddered after looking into his eyes.

She quickly said," bhai I am going to my room as I need to get changed ".At the same time manik asked,"uhh.... where is the washrooms? "before anyone could answer rudra quickly said,"areeee nandini knows na she will show you go with her."*with a smirk on his face told nandini* go nandini show him the washroom. "

(nandini's room)

(nandini's washroom)

having no option nandini took manik to the washroom with her she took her to the washroom in her room and before she could say something she was pinned to the wall and manik without giving any warning smooched , kissed, licked and not t her lips in a very harsh manner as if to assure himself that she was his nandini on the other hand was shocked she had never expected such a violent move forward on him.

She Pushed him off and then whisper shouted,"manik fucking malhotra you cannot kiss me like this, which right are you kissing me? "now this went over the top and manik went close like really close to nandini pinned her hands on the wall and then in his sexy and husky voice giving her wet kisses along her neck said,"right? Well nandini murthy I am kissing house with this right that you were are and will always be mine so irrespective of the fact that you have hurt me or I am angry with you no one I repeat no one except for me has the right to touch or kiss you it's only me who can do it. "

nandini awestruck with his confession and possessiveness lifted bet head up a bit to ask him bmvery softly,"WHY??"

now this really got on his nerves so without speaking anything curther he yanked her by the waist closer to him if possible and then whispered in her ears,"cause I still love damn it. "

When he looked at nandini's face after that he hugged her tightly and then said,"yes nandini I still love you I still feel bad when you are away from me, meri saanse tham jati hain jab tum he aapne aakho ke sammne nehi dekhta hoon toh, tumhare bagair jina mushkil hi nehi namunkin hain, gussa zarur hoon tumse par iss baat Se ki tumne mujhpar itna bharosa nehi kiya ki tum mujhe saach bata saako, haan nandini what did you think that I hate you no nandini not even in my wildest dreams can I do that I am angry because you didn't share what was going on inside your mind with me and hurt because you didn't find me trustworthy enough to share with me, I know what ever you have done has a reason behind it and I trust you enough to know that you will go to any extent to protect me. "

Saying all this manik broke the hug and then carssed her angelic face while nandini was still in a state of frenzied shock as she had expected him no to trust her but here they case was opposite she understood that it was her who didn't trust him enough to let all her guards down and reveal everything to him.

She just stared at him and them slowly placed her plump and soft lips over his rough and chapped ones.

For him it was a kiss of assurance, of trust, of asking forgiveness, saying sorry.

For her it was kiss of love, of the feeling of being together, of togetherness.slowly they broke the kiss for the lack of oxygen,

and then nandini being the blushing and shy queen she is turned backwards and slapped her forehead.

Manik was quite shock with her sudden boldness but he enjoyed it to the fulllest.

He nuzzled in her neck and then said,"areeee meri blushing queen Abbi toh itna bold baan rahi this na toh aab kya hua? "

Nandini turned around and then said,"manik I absolutely sorry I though that you didn't trust me but in reality it was me who didn't trust you. I am so sorry manik please forgive me. "

Manik held her chin softly lifted it up looked into her eyes and then said,"nandini jab main tumhe aapni jaan bulata hoon toh I mean it, and I was never really angry on you areeee I love you then how can I ever be angry on you. And whenever you feel its the right home come to me and tell me the truth and I promise that I will never judge you. "

To say say nandini was shocked would be an understatement she was rooted at her place all hernlife she had been devoid of love except from her brothers with whom she could be herself but now when she stared into his eyes she felt as if she saw her entire world today in ten, as if now the only objective in her life would be to be with him.

Scene changes to downstairs,

Here shivaay and everyone were getting worried as they were not coming and finally resting the last strand of his patience he decided to call for them when rude interuppted and said, "areeee bhaiya aap kyu un dono ke bich ja rahe ho? Aur aapne dekha nehi ki doll kitni khush this uske Sarah aur jab uska Sarah church gaya toh kitni dukhi. Meri baat suno aap un dono ko disturb master Karo let them clear their differences and sort everything. "

Tough unsure of it just because of his siblings and thinking of his sister he agreed but not to forget to vent fab5 was present there so they all had different reactions.

Cabir was happy as he was finally going to see happiness in his brother's life as he had witnessed a broken manik when nandini had disappeared.

Navy was also sad as she was drowning in the guilt of not being a good best friend but she was genuinely happy for nandini as she wanted nandini and manik to get back together as she had seen the longing for him in her eyes .

Mukti was confused as to be happy or sad happy because manik had finally found the one for him and sad because she was feeling insecure as to what if he prioritized her before them then she would be all alon in this world.

Dhruv was very happy as his buddy was finally getting what he deserved so he was genuinely very happy for manik.

Alya oh God! what to say about this nonsense girl she was busy killing nandini in her mind and was imagining manik to be hers.

While the scene at nandini's room was different they both had kept their foreheads on each other and we're trying to absorb the latter's presence.

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