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Manan ff destiny -- chapter 4

Chapter 4 of destiny

Nandini: then I came to India .uskaaslinature DekhatohmainussenaafraatKarnelagi.but I had to hide my identity due to security reasons.
Rudra: does he know your reason for lying??
Manik became alert at this.
Nandini : no .wodeserve Nahi Marta Jan na.
Priyanka: tujhe pata Hain najotujhe hurt karta Hain usse shiv naafraat karta Hain? Then why the hell do you think that he will accept manik!!!!!
Nandini: Didi pyaar Kiya tohdaarnadya????!!!!
Shivay : I will accept him as chhottii shapppinnesslies in him.
Fab5 and navya were standing shell shocked.
Rudra: Tu toh Indian dresses we naafraat
Cabir:Nandini air western!!!????

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Some articles by a teenager written in order to express her agony, frustration, pain, guilt and hurt

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