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Manan ff--Destiny Chapter- 1

The first chapter of destiny,

Character sketch ----

Manik Malhotra :as we all know him ,lead singer of fab5 .Was in a relationship with Nandini Singh Oberoi broke up with her because he thought she did not trust him.

Raj Malhotra :owner of Malhotra industries which is the best industry in India but 65th ranked in the world. Knows nandini and wants manik to marry her as be thinks that only she can set his idiotic son's life on track.

Neyonika Malhotra : same as show .hates Nandini to the core .she is the reason for manan's breakup. But wait is she really the reason or were they the reason? Does she really hate nandini? A very mysterious character.

Cabir dhawan: a part of fab5, drummer has accepted nandini for manik.

Alya saxena : hates nandini and wants manik by hook or crook. A part of fab5, pianist.

Dhruv vedant : a part of fab5, acoustic guitarist. Has accepted nandini for manik.

Mukti vardhan: a part of fab5 , electric guitarist. Has accepted nandini for manik but has she really?

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