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For you, whom I think as a magic in form of human:

You are a magic not because I think you are scarless, contradict to that, I can tell that you live a life full of scars, fears, scratches and pain. But you managed to walk through all that, and be a person that you are now.

You are a magic because you are as calm as the sea after the storm, and even when you know another storm is coming, you are contained. You are a resistance, you keep your blue and your depth beneath the terrifying sounds and sights of the storm.

You are a magic because you are as humble as the earth, I can tell you a million time how amazing you are, yet you never feel too proud of yourself.

You are a magic because you make me brave, you make me see another lights I never saw before, you make me explore the scary places and thoughts, yet you are there when I come back.

You are a magic because you are the magic. The definition of possibilities. The shining stars. The silver linings. The universe smiling. The fearless soldiers. And all the good words that ever came to mine.

You are the inhibitants of the impossible, come in to me in any possible way.

Not to be own, only to be seen. But yet, it is enough for me.

Even with just you being on this earth (with all of its rage, madness, and evils), you are still the most magical thing that ever crossed my path.

// I hope all the magical things happened to you too, even when it's not through me.

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Hi everyone, this is Nabila! I am a 20 years old (young) girl from ID. I will write random stuffs, about things and feelings I couldn't express out loud in person. I do hope it's good enough?!

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