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Life speaks a lot

'I don't want to fall in love again " Plabon told to Shrestha. Shresta came to Plabon's home once. She was so disturbed about her relationship. Both of them were talking in Plabon's room after lunch but Plabon was missing Ruhi for handling Shrestha.

Shres: I want Ajay back to my life.

Pla: Why don't you move on? I think you are just wasting your time.

Shres: I love him year.

Pla: before Ajay you said this thing for another person what was his name?

Shres: oh Sunil.

Pla:Before him who was there?

Shres: Srikant.

Pla: how can you be sure about yourself that someone else will not come and replace your teddy bear Ajay.

Shres: this time I am more serious than anything.

Pla: if Ruhi is here, she can give you some ideas how to move on which will not be effective for you, I guess because you will not follow your advices.

Plabon was missing Ruhi because both of them made efforts jointly to handle her but now Plabon was alone.

Shre: he loved me yaar but his mother wants a fair, beautiful girl like you, my complexion is dark and I am not Brahmin.

Pla: what about your teddy bear, he is dark too, I am telling you, no-one will be impressed 1st watching him. Just look at him, I don't think according to his body language, he is attractive or handsome.

Shre: I know but I love him. I am feeling so disturbed yaar. I am going to thirty still I am virgin.

Pla: So what? What's your problem you didn't get the scope to do sex with Ajay or you want to do but not getting anyone. Could you please clear it 1st?

Shres: I can, I have so many but before marriage how can I do, I am a good girl.

Pla: oh God ,you are so confused. Then concencentrate on your 'so many', it will be good for you and good for us.

Shres: have you forgot Abir?

Pla:he was my husband OK? We were married. Don't relate it with your matter.

Shres: hmm.

Pla: change the topic, please.

Shres: OK. Hey listen, I like to watch lesbians.

Pla: what? Your frustration about Ajay is just crossing the limit, you are becoming lesbian for not getting him, why? Oh common, this is too much.

Shres: arehh I mean I like that, I am not a lesbian.

Pla: stop talking like a nonsense. Anyways what's that? this locket?

Shrestha wore a locket which was hidden in her salwar kamiz. Plabon noticed that.

Plabon asked "what's that? "

Shres: I bought from a Muslim babaji.

Pla: for what?

Shres: for Ajay but it didn't work, he didn't come back to me, when I told it to babaji, he told me Allah(god) doesn't want to see you both together, what can I do.

Pla: omg, stop doing it yaar. They are fooling people for money.

Shres: Can't I get his love again?

Pla: if he deserves your love, he will come back to you. Look at me, what did I get from my so called husband? Nothing still I loved him honestly, he was not with me still I fulfilled all responsibilities as wife, what did he do with me? I am still surviving.

Shres: I know, I want him to realize your love.

Pla:he can't because he was supporting his molester father when I was molested, a criminal is a criminal that I understood very well.

Shres: hmm.

Pla: start dating someone else, better to forget Ajay. Try to tolerate the pain and start enjoying with others.

Shres: what about you?

Pla: I have only thing in my mind, my abuser's punishment, I will expose him and his father to the world. I am suffering but fighting, I will not leave them. If I have to kill myself I will do that, but Abir and his father should be in jail very soon.

Shres:yes ,don't leave them. Criminals should be punished.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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