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Life speaks a lot

After meeting this group 'We Can' Plabon got an inspiration in life. She started living her life again in a different way. She met the victims and all have their own struggles.

Shibani Chaturvedi who started this group for fighting against this crime called NRI holiday marriage. She is a victim of her NRI husband's cruelty, once she was beaten and tortured by her husband and in laws , she faced also the trauma of miscarriage of her three months old baby. She was abandoned by her husband who is in Canada, at 2015. She is an editor of a reputed journal. She decided to make this group for victims who are abandoned in India or foreign countries.

Ruchi Dube is a thiry two years old woman who lives in Chandigarh, who's abuser left her when she was four months pregnant. Her abuser is in USA spending his life with his live in partner right now. Ruchi has three years old daughter who asks her sometimes about her father. She is staying at her parental home.

Manjit Kaur is twenty six years old lady lives at Jalandhar. Her abuser left her after reception and went to USA, never came back.She is fighting from 2016.

Minisha Kumari, a thiry five years old woman lives at her parental home at Patna. She was abandoned by her husband at 2016 and went to Australia.

Shilpi Mishra, twenty seven years old woman lives at Calgary,Canada, she was abandoned by her abuser in Canada, she was thrown from her husband's apartment, she didn't understand what to do. Fortunately she met an Indian family and they provided shelter to her in Canada.

Sweety Deshmukh , twenty five years old lady who lives in Ontario, Canada, working at a book shop. Her abuser abandoned her at 2017. He cancelled her spouse visa, Sweety has filled case against her against her husband in Canada. She is living at one of her uncle's house.

There are so many Manjit, Ruchi, Minisha, Shilpi in this group who are fighting for justice.

Harpreet is one of them and she became a good friend of Plabon.

Harpreet Singh Sodi, a twenty eight years old woman lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her family. Her abuser abandoned her in Canada, she tried committing suicide for multiple times for depression.

Harpreet works at a bakery. When she is free , she calls Plabon.

One-day Plabon was explaining her whole story to Harpreet. Harpreet was listening to her carefully.

Before starting her story Plabon told to Harpreet " I don't want to see myself as an abused woman after five years. I want to see myself as a star shining on the dark sky whom everyone wants to touch but can't."

Plabon started explaining her story.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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