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Love, an article

Love isthe definition of everything on this Earth, Universe World especially speaking in population term. So, love cannot be identified like this and that, but the love is notified through Nature Blessing, kindness, sympathy, honoring living being for reciprocated unknown and infinite action for the survival of earth through the combination of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky which are the Pancha Bhutas. So, what one knows about love terminology is very little, and the love terminology cannot be specified in routine way.

Researches, scientists, mythology and puranas and history right from Tretha yuga, Krupa yuga, Dwapara yuga and Kali yuga show love as an infinite affection through the birth and death lead and an understanding of the life for living purpose to complete the cycle of birth till vanish or death into the Natures fold.

Article by:
Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu
(Mantri Marku)
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