Fallen Angels ✨
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Love is magic, because when it turns against you, it is a curse

You are like a curse that's haunting me, I tried my best to forget you, I cursed your name a million times, I tried dating other guys, I tried everything, I just can't help but think of you over and over and over again, you are all I can think of, I see your face on the ceiling of my bedroom when I lie awake trying to fall asleep, and when I finally do, you are all I can dream of, your face haunts me everywhere, it is like a ghost that chases me, you are rarely not the reason of my tears, I am doing my best to stop looking for your news, I bet you know how I am suffering because of you, I bet you know how unhappy I am, and I can tell you are enjoying seeing me suffer, you made me a psychopath, I can smile and talk cheerfully about my future plans and how I am gonna be a successful person, then the next second I will scream my lungs out and cry the hell out of my chest because I know all the glory and success in the world would mean nothing if you are not with me, I don't know how it is possible to love you this much, you have broken me to a million pieces, yet I still love you with all these pieces, perhaps because I never knew love except with you, perhaps because I loved you at your worst that your flaws were one of the reasons why I loved you, why have I let myself fall this hard? Why do I let myself fall into a black hole of misery and sadness? how shall it end? Will it ever really end?! I mean is it even possible that a day would come and I wouldn't remember u? Will ur love end? Or will it end me?..
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We were all born pure, angelic and full of goodness, then the wings were cropped and demons started to rise.. We are just fallen angels..✨

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