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LOVE: Easy to Say Hard to Do.

LOVE: Easy to Say Hard to Do.
The place of love in a family setting is like an engine without a lubricating oil. Love is a lubricant that steers the family together. Read this article and get filled with the lubricant.

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Spouses are husbands and wives and the ordinances behind persons becoming husbands and the wives to live together must be observed, which means there must be ''Love and oneness.'' Love is the driving force that makes people accept living together as husbands and wives.

The word ''Love'' is a strong and very hard word, but very easy word for people to say ''I Love You.'' Sometimes it comes without any trace of this attribute in the mind of the person who says it. It is one word that easily flows through the lips of people and many a time it comes because one doesn't have what to say or to actualize one's selfish intention.

If a child says I love you to one another, watch and see how their relationship will be from that moment on, there will be an expression of 'real love' exemplified in their behavior and attitude, they are sincere and honest to themselves, no room to hide anything from each other, they easily forget and forgive each other if they wrong themselves.

It was out of the qualities of love and relationship found in children that caused Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew 18:3 to obliged us to be converted and become like little children. It is true that the real meaning of love is common among the little children, love is not a thing of impulse but of emotion; thus people should not say ''I Love You'' because they can voice it out, but rather it should be a thing of the mind.

Love in Practice not in Words.

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Given the implication and sacrifice that is embedded in love, it is noteworthy that love must always be a point of practice than lip-talk. It was on this note that Paul the Apostle in his epistle to the Roman states that ''Love should be without hypocrisy.''

How can you say you love a person, but your dealings with him or her is impregnated by control and directed by deceits, while secrecy provides the platform. You claimed you love someone but then the person does not know what you are doing nor understands you, cannot predict your next action nor read your mind, where is the love?

You claimed you love someone and yet the person is in difficulty and you can't assist even when you are buoyant. You are constantly piling up complains, finding faults, reports and condemning your spouse here and there, this is a fool of one's self. Love is better practice than said.
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