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Life Changes

Part 2

Each and every time Anurag was taking care of Plabon, slowly slowly Plabon realized she is not yet finished. Plabon started meeting Anurag, chatting with him all time, Anurag was a darling to her.

Plabon was not so active on Facebook, she was not at all interested checking anyone's profile, only Abir's. For the 1st time she started checking Anurag's profile.

It was shocking for Plabon, he was dating a girl called Diya. The girl has written 'you are my soulmate to Anurag' and Anurag gave so many love shines to her. She became so angry on Anurag, called him and asked"who is Diya? "

Anurag didn't answer, blocked her from facebook, what's app. Anurag Chakraborty, from Howrah, a sales executive who was her office colleague before, now he is in a limited company, sells a machine which is used in cars for monitoring what's going on in car. He suggested Plabon to buy this thing for their family car but Plabon started laughing knowing about this product, there is no use of it for her family.

Plabon asked him for multiple times before even last week when he was with Plabon, how could he? Plabon remembers, her colleagues come friends Louis and Meena told about him that Anurag is a clever guy and a lier. Plabon sent a message to Anurag from her number 'what do you think, you can block me then you will be fine, no Anurag, I have all your massages, I can send easily to that girl, I will not do this, because she will be hurt when she comes to know you are a bustard."

Feeling frustrated again, Plabon called Louis, her old office colleague. After knowing about Anurag from Plabon Louis told...

"I told about him, he was doing time pass with you but that girl is his priority. "

Plabon was silent.

For two days she was thinking about Anurag, his massages, caring attitude, all were fake. If Abir can cheat Plabon, anyone can do this.

Plabon was sitting on a couch, watching her old photos, they were asking so many questions to her. She asked herself "why are you reacting so much? Do you have feelings for him? " the answer was 'no'

She was close to Anurag just because she wanted to move on from Abir. She was allowing Anurag just to move on. She was getting her answers, she was little bit worried about Anurag's behavior then became comfortable with the situation , it was not so effected on her heart, after Abir.

She closed her eyes, feeling relaxed, heard a Hindi song suddenly from a recent hit movie "apna time ayega" means 'my time will come'.

Plabon started smiling...

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