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Life speaks a lot

"Everyone was busy watching the drama of my marriage that day. I remember the day I was crying badly because he would go to Canada next day. I extended my leave just to spend more time with him. Before marriage he told me choose a place where you want to go for honeymoon then we will go there but after marriage when I asked her for our honeymoon he told I don't have time for honeymoon. Suddenly he booked the tickets. I don't know the relation between him and his sister in law. He told me that she should go with her husband, where we would go. I was little bit shocked that why was he so much concerned about his sister in law. "

Plabon was telling to Shrestha. Shrestha was watching the photos of Plabon's wedding.

Shres: he was forced getting married.

Pla: I don't think so. We talked with each other for one month, I never felt anything weird about Abir. He was nice to me, he used to call me everyday. He convinced me else I said 'no' 1st.

Shre: He decided to say 'no' but after knowing you, he became interested in you and got married.

Pla: arey yaar, if he was interested in me then why did he avoid me? Why was he not interested making intimate relation with me, I was his wife.

Shres: How can he? Didn't you understand he was hiding his physical disputes that's why he was unable to make physical relation with you. It was their plan to make you fool. Abir knew it very well that he escaped after reception ,then his father would handle you. It's as simple as that. I am telling you don't leave his family alone. One of my cousin sister did the same with their in laws but she has affair too.

Pla: I don't know what was their intention actually? What was beneficial for them in this game ? I don't understand anything. I am puzzled.

Shres: See just because we are your friends, we will support you. But who is lieing or who is true we can't say.

Pla: what rubbish. Do you think whatever I have faced all are not true. You want to say that I am lieing?

Plabon was feeling bad hearing this type of statements from Shrestha.

Shres: Court needs proof only. If you have proof you will win else not.

Plabon didn't say anything to her.

Shrestha started again " I don't know how can I get Ajay, I will do everything for him. "

Pla: best of luck.

Shres: I also want Abir will come back to you.

Pla: stop thinking about me, I filled case against a criminal, I can't spend my whole life with a criminal. You just think about your problems.

Shres: Ruhi is best, she doesn't care for anything, she is so matured.

Pla: yup she is.

Shres: She liked Sandip our classmate, still she went to attend his marriage. Both of them were intimate once.

Pla: so sweet of her. Hats off to her.

Shres: both of them were attached and...

Plabon stopped Shrestha and said : who told you all this?

Shres: Sandip else how do I know.

Pla: listen, she is an adult, it depends on her what to do or what not to do. You can't say anything of her when she is not present in our conversation. I don't like it. If she was not comfortable to share anything with us, I don't understand why did Sandip tell you about their personal matter with you.

Shres: Sandip told me, I didn't ask him. He told me about their relation.

Pla: Leave it, it's their personal matter. If you have any question ask Ruhi directly, don't say anything behind her. It's wrong.

Plabon didn't like Shrestha talking about Ruhi.

When Plabon was talking to Sandip through a social networking site, she was shocked knowing that Shrestha was talking about her marriage blunder with Sandip without asking her.

Ruhi and Plabon was very angry on Shrestha about her behavior. Three of them were very good friends from last nine years where they use to share all secrets with together still Shrestha was talking behind them. They didn't expect it from her. Ruhi and Plabon decided to remove this group forever and remove Shrestha from their group. They broke up with Shrestha after a long conversation. Shresta sent so many massages to both but they didn't entertain her at all.

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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