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Life speaks a lot

Rishita came after one hour and joined Plabon and Dorothy. Plabon felt relaxed.

Rishi: so Plabon, what do you think about your future?

Pla: I don't know, Let him come and get arrested then I will sign on papers.

Rishi: Plabon, is there anyone who loves you?

Pla: I am not bothered, I cant beg.

Rishi: I understand, my wedding will be on next year. You have to come.

Plabon smiled and said "I will. "

Rishi: You still love Abir.

Plab: No.

Rishi: I noticed your posts, I felt you still have feelings for Abir, the cheater.

Pla: I loved him because he was my husband, I hate him because he spoiled an innocent girl's life. I want that criminal should be punished because he is not my husband now.

Rishi: hmm, but don't waste your time thinking about him. He will get punishment. But who loves you, who wants you in his life just don't reject that guy.

Rishita dropped her at home. Plabon was thinking about her case, how can she deport Abir from Canada? How can she get relief from this complicated situation? She could divorce easily but her protest would be stopped then against crime. She should not tolerate the crime. She will be fighting to stop this holiday marriages which spoil's a life.

Plabon decided to talk with friends. She massaged in her group with Ruhi and Shrestha " Hey gals."

She saw a long conversation is going on between Ruhi and Shrestha, she joined them.

Ruhi : Shrestha, forget about your teddy bear boyfriend. Move on now. How much time will you take to move on?

Shrestha: I love him, he used me. He played with my feelings.

Pla: What you want to do exactly?

Shre: He abused me physically, I am sending you our intimate photos gals, please don't delete.

Ruhi: Are yaar, move on, he doesn't love you.

Shre: You are so strong but Plabon, me we are not so strong like you. See Plabon is suffering for Abir.

Pla: Excuse me, he is my husband, Ajay is not your husband OK? There is a huge difference between husband and boyfriend. Both are not same. Why are you saying you are physically abused by Ajay? Did he force you to sex?

Shr: no, but we were close.

Ruhi: You had sex? No. How can you blame him? He never abused you. He wants to break up, you can't force him to be in this relationship.

Shre: Understand please, I love him. He used me.

Ruhi and Plabon stopped replying to Shrestha in group. They started talking personally.

Ruhi: This girl is mad.

Pla: I don't understand what happened with her. She always compare her own problems with my case. Is she mad or extra clever I don't understand.

Ruhi : Let's not reply now, she will stop automatically.

Plabon was talking to Ruhi, she received a massage from Dorothy.

Doro: " Hey beautiful lady, what's up. "

Plabon sent some smileys to her.

Doro: " I am missing you. "

Pla: for what?

Doro: I am sorry.

Pla: why are you sorry?

Doro: I liked you, I was trying to cozy with you but I noticed you were not comfortable.

Pla: I am not interested in girls.

Doro: hmm I understand. I am sorry.

Pla: it's OK.

Doro: I wanted to kiss you but I controlled myself. I wanted to see you naked.

Plabon didn't reply.

Doro: I think I am in love with you. It's love at 1st sight. But I am feeling to touch you.

Pla: I am sorry, I can't fulfill your desire because I am not interested.Don't mind, goodnight.

Dorothy was sending messages continuously but Plabon switched off the phone.

She was feeling awkward and thinking "yup, so many admirers I have."

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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