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Life speaks a lot

Abhimanyu Mukherjee, always drunk, snake eyed but a well educated person, was Plabon's senior in office. Plabon remembers from the 1st day Abhimanyu, ten years elder than her, was expressing his interest for Plabon. Plabon never liked that person at all because of his personality. From her colleagues she heard about Abhimanyu is a divorcee, a characterless guy who is unable to survive without alcohol. But this Abhimanyu Mukherjee helped Plabon in her work, guided her always as a senior. Apart from his personal life Abhimanyu became a very good friend of Plabon. A pure and good relation between Abhimanyu and Plabon was growing slowly slowly . But other stupid office colleagues started gossiping about them, Plabon didnt take this gossips seriously ,she didn't care about it. She knew that Abhimanyu was only a good friend. As a person Plabon never liked him but as a senior Plabon respected him.

Day by day this gossip was spreading and the behavior of Abhimanyu was changing. Plabon was not familiar with his behavior. Abhimanyu was not like before. Plabon was missing a good friend.

But the stupid office colleagues were ready making stories about Abhimanyu and Plabon's relationship.

Once Abhimanyu was not coming office for one week, he was not replying Plabon too or others. Plabon was worried about Abhimanyu. One-day she was ready to leave the office after half an hour, suddenly she got a call from Abhimanyu "Hi, Abhimanyu here, when will you leave? "

Pla: "after half and hour, why? Where are you drunken monkey now a days? "

Abhi: I am waiting, come, I want to meet.

Pla: want to meet, for what?

Abhi: uff stop asking me questions, meet me.

Pla:ok, but if you are drunk, I am not coming, I don't like the smell of alcohol, you know.

Abhi:you know Plabon, without alcohol I can't survive.

Pla: what can I do,

Abhi:please Plabon, meet me once.


Abhimanyu was waiting for Plabon in his new car. Plabon entered into the car, the smell of alcohol made her feel to vomit. She scolded Abhimanyu "you ..drunken monkey..I can't sit in your car, it's horrible"

Abhimanyu was driving the car, without saying anything. Plabon realized Abhimanyu is disturbed for some reason. Plabon asked "what happened? Are you OK? "

Abhimanyu stopped the car. Plabon noticed Abhimanyu was crying. She never expected watching Abhimanyu in this situation.What happened with Abhimanyu? Plabon was trying to understand.

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