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Life speaks a lot

Plabon was watching those fake massages of Anurag. 'baby, you are my priority." "I am always with you" "I can't see you in pain"

Plabon was watching those massages and thinking about someone. Sudip Aich, friend of Plabon's relative brother, who was crazy about Plabon, from 2012 he was trying to impress Plabon a lot. Plabon was not at all interested in him. Sudip kept trying to impress.

After knowing the accident of Plabon, Sudip tried to become close with Plabon. Plabon remembers the day when Sudip forced her to intimate with him, shocked Plabon refused to do that, he slapped Sudip.

Somehow she gets some similarities between Anurag and Sudip, both of them are three years younger than her, one is engineer another is a commerce graduate.

Plabon remembers she told Anurag about this guy Sudip. Anurag was so angry after hearing this. Anurag always told Plabon not to contact with other office colleagues from her previous office which her 2nd home once.

She remembers the last day when she went to submit some documents after resignation, the place where she used to seat, the cafeteria, the customer lounge, the tea shop, the pantry where she used to eat her lunch with her group, everything was saying goodbye to her. She met her colleagues with a smile but ignored Abhimanyu Mukherjee, who played an important role in her life.

After leaving she was watching that white seven Stored building once again.

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My life...

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