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Life speaks a lot..

When Plabon was watching this white building, she started gathering some experiences. She hates this Abhimanyu Mukherjee in life, who is somehow responsible for Plabon's present situation, she felt so.

Plabon looked at the tea shop, beside the office where all the employees come to take tea and chitchat. Abhimanyu used to wait for Plabon in this shop. Abhimanyu was ten years elder than Plabon so she called Abhimanyu uncle sometimes, Abhimanyu got irritated calling him 'uncle' but Plabon enjoyed it.

Plabon can't forgive some people from this office, who made Plabon's life a hell.

Chayanda who was a team leader of sales department, who always support Abhimanyu, he pampered his group members spreading rumors about them. Plabon knew it but she felt this people are not so educated but experienced in their work field, it's better to avoid them.

One-day they were laughing in their cabin talking about their hot topic Plabon and Abhimanyu. Plabon was feeling insulted, Sanchita noticed that. Sanchita told "Why don't you say anything to them? "

Plabon become angry and went to them, shouted "Why are you spreading rumours about me? Stop this else I will complain against all of you, just behave yourself."

Plabon was so much irritated about this matter.

Plabon was looking at the fast food shop where she used to eat sometimes, she noticed Sayantan was eating chowmine. He looked at Plabon and smiled. Plabon smiled too.

Sayantan choudhury, Plabon used to like this guy a little bit. Plabon remembers she danced with him in office party.

Sayantan was short height, well behaved and well spoken person. In office party all were enjoying, Plabon was dancing with Sayantan only. She took alcohol that day for fun, for the 1st time, Sayantan came with her to drop her carefully. Plabon remembers Plabon put her head on Sayantan's shoulder, the situation was very romantic, they were expressing indirectly that they like each other. They were expecting a passionate kiss at that moment but....

Drunk Abhimanyu called "Plabon, where are you? Have you reached home? "

Embarrassed Plabon cut the call. Sayantan was irritated, asked" Abhimanyu? Doesn't he know that I am with you, why is so worried about you? Is he your boyfriend or what? "

Plabon told him "calm down please"

Plabon came back to home. Sayantan sent a massage. "hey are you OK? "


Sayan: you were looking very beautiful today, I just couldn't stop watching you.

Pla: so why didn't you tell me in car?

Sayan: I am telling you now, Plabon you are so pretty.

They shared some romantic massages with together..

Plabon was feeling good, watching their party photos.

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My life...

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