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LOVE BITES part 57

Life speaks a lot

When everyone was busy she was busy sleeping till 9am. Basically her maid servant Ranu use to come at 6am and works mutely because she doesn't want to disturb sleeping Plabon. Ranu is very beautiful. She is arrogant and different in nature. She respects Plabon.

When Plabon feel sad, she tells her "Plabondi, you will get a good husband, move on. " Plabon give her old junk jewellery and cosmetics to her which makes Ranu happy.

2018 was the worst year for Plabon but she observed and identified different people around her. Plabon realized before accident the scenario was different for her but after that worst accident she understands the reality which is rough and tuff.

Plabon met many people in this short period of life but this one year changed her a lot. She became matured enough. She started learning lessons from different people which made her strong. Ranu is a character which has different shades. She heard about Ranu's past, present from her mother. She felt her life is like a cinema. Her mother approached her once to write a short story of Ranu.

Ranu belonged to a good family. Ranu had two elder brothers and two sisters. From childhood she was so pretty, she got chance in movies also but she didn't go. At the age of thirteen she fell in love with a boy, they were crazy in love ,they got married at fourteen. Everything was going good but destiny demanded something else from her like Plabon may be. Her husband became drug addicted and he started beating Ranu. She became ill. Somehow her husband joined smugling. Oneday police caught him when she was pregnant. She took care of her baby boy alone. She started working as a maid servant in different people. She decided to divorce her husband. And she did that. Being a very beautiful woman she started getting proposal for sharing bed and earning money but she had chosen to become a maid servant. She got married again to a guy but unfortunately her second husband was not physically fine, unable to do physical relation. He can't be a biological father due to his physical condition. Still they are together. Ranu is so clever and pretty, Plabon see her as beauty with brain. Plabon heard from her mother that who was introduced as Ranu's husband to Plabon, he is her present boyfriend. She was scared to tell her truth to Plabon. But Plabon knows everything and she behaved normally with Ranu.

Plabon felt Ranu is someone who is leading her life in her own terms, she decided her life, she decided her love, she decided her bed partner. She doesn't have standard family, class, education but she is independent enough mentally, physically and financially without any vulgar action in life.

Plabon noticed Ranu, she was crying and saying to her mother that "I loved him. I can understand Plabondi's pain. But why should I care for society who made me a prostitute because I am beautiful. I wanted my husband, child, family but I didn't get. So I decided to move on. You please tell Plabondi not to cry for an idiot, she deserves the best. "

After hearing her confession Plabon became emotional, thinking "all have pain in their life."

"why should I suffer? An accident can't change my everything. I will start life again as a queen who doesn't need any king. Yes, the king will come to fulfill me, not to break me. "

Plabon just closed her eyes and saw the old dream of her.

'Someone is coming with a bunch of baby pink roses, he is wet in rain and shouted 'you are mine.' "

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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