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LOVE BITES part 56

Life speaks a lot

Plabon was feeling bad when Tanmay stopped talking to her. Plabon didn't want to hurt anyone still it happened. Tanmay and Plabon were talking to each other when Tanmay suddenly told Plabon " all is your fault. "

Pla: " means? "

Tan:" Why did you reject me? If we are married then we will be happy and we will have a cute baby like you."

Pla: I didn't reject you yaar, all the time you say this to me, it's too irritating now.

Tan: Why didn't you marry me?

Pla: you never proposed me for marriage OK?

Tan: I proposed you for three times but you said 'no. ' I told my mother about you and after your rejection she told me to forget you.

Pla: hmm, will you wait for me for two years?

Tan: it will be late.

Pla: then what do you want exactly? You are saying you love me but you can't wait, strange.

Tan: I want to love you, want to give you all the happiness which you deserve. I wanted to hug you that day why did you stop me? I wanted to share my deep feelings for you which you could understand if you hugged me.

Pla: I didn't want to hug you that's why. Your hug can't remove my inside pain dear.

Tan: I wanted to kiss you once.

Pla: hahaha as expected, after hug all this kiss, sex right?

Tan: Sex is not at all bad. It's good for health, mind. If one-day I will approach you for sex, don't stop me OK? I love you, I want to give my everything to you.

Pla: hmm I know but why do people think I am unhappy just because I am not doing sex. Really? Is that so? Don't I have any other demands in life?

Tan: yes of course, I am not saying to do sex with me for fun, its all about love, feelings which you didn't get from Abir. I will talk to my parents about you.

Pla: for what?

Tan: our marriage.

Pla: I need two years, you can't wait so please there is no need to talk to your parents and you belong to that society where people thinks a divorcee girl is an alien if a guy marrys a divorcee girl he becomes great person in the society. I can show only my middle finger to them. Sorry dear I don't need this in my life, no way.

Tan: you took a wrong decision rejecting me. I could be a good husband.

Pla: Excuse me, I rejected so many, I don't have any regret rejecting them. By the way you had a girlfriend from last three years what about her? You don't have anything for her? Why? How?

Tan: I never loved her. She knew that I was interested in you.

Pla: what the hell, what were you doing with her for three years? Don't you have any sympathy for her who really loves you? Go to her and see she is crying for you and you are convincing me. I can feel her pain because Abir did the same thing with me. Ignorance is like a knife which cut your heart all the time and it will be bleeding like hell, it can't be stopped.

Tan: She loves me ,I have sympathy for her but I love you from last ten years. I never lost my virginity because I wanted to loose it with you.

Pla: wow.

Tan: why didn't you marry me, tell me.

Pla: Don't mind but my family would never accept you.

Tan: why?

Pla: They wanted an engineer or doctor groom for me. I also wanted to marry a high qualified guy because I was unable to go for mechanical engineering and medical studies due to our financial situation at that time. I wanted to do research on Indian Classical Dance because I am a state level gold medalist in dancing. I was unable to do that. I always feel bad that I was unable to complete my studies according to my desire. That's why I wanted someone who is a high qualified person through Abir is not so educated I feel now. He had money so he did marine engineering and MBA from Canada. I am more talented than him which I felt later when I was receiving some threatening mails which were illogical from him continuously. Silly guy.

Tan: then you did right with me by rejecting me.

Pla: hmm. Sorry.

Tan: I can't fulfill your criteria in future also because I belong to a simple middle class family.

Pla: I didn't want to hurt you but you know everyone has some dreams, I had too. But truly speaking I am not bothered about this now. I don't have any respect for men either he is high qualified or illiterate or handsome or ugly. Men are so selfish. By the way don't mind before Abir, I said 'no' to you.

Tan: hmm. it's too late, I think you should sleep now.

Pla: hmm.

Tanmay was online for few minutes, but didn't say anything to Plabon. Plabon was feeling bad but she was forced to tell the truth.

She was feeling bad for those girls who truly loves their man and those men acts like a genuine lover or husband to them but their pant becomes wet watching someone else.

Plabon thought ''I don't know I will be able to get married again or not, all this men, can't love a girl genuinely."

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I am a writer, writing a series here, hope young people like can relate themselves with this series 'Lovebites .' Stay tuned ..

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